7 Road Trip Destinations To Holiday In The UK

I’ve mentioned on my blog previously that we’d be staying in the UK this year as part of our staycation. This is due to the fact that we don’t have the money to spend on a holiday but instead need to spend it on our new flat. I’ve also mentioned that road trip destinations are great here in the UK, so it inspired me to round up seven destinations that you can visit with friends or family.

UK TravelBefore going on any road trip, it’s good to check that your vehicle is in good condition which also includes making sure your MOT is up to date.


Aberystwyth, Wales

I mean, it would be sinful to even consider any other destination first as this is my university’s hometown. Pronounced (Abba-wrist-width) <– LOL this beautiful town on the coast is the perfect road trip destination because of it’s breath-taking scenery as you drive through the hillside.

Some recommended spots to try from a student’s point of view is Cambrian, a pub that sells all manner of cocktails, normally served in pint glasses. The pier is a must do and if you are a lover of the night, then definitely try out Pier Pressure, a club on the pier where you can feel the ground shaking beneath your feet.



Now I’ve never personally been to the Cotswolds but it is a destination on my bucket list here in the UK because it’s so quaint and picturesque and I’d love to retire in a place like this when I reach the golden oldies. What makes these villages special is their golden coloured Cotswold stoned houses and the hills and valleys that surround them. The villages attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and it’s a great spot for both day trip and weekend stays.


Torquay, Devon

Devon has a special place in my heart because my godfather used to own a pub and I worked two Summers in a quiet village called Scorriton. We’d often have day trips out to local areas and one of my favourite spots in Devon is Torquay. Again I’m chasing the coastal life, this town is another seaside resort that often catches the nicer weather in the UK and is know as the English Riviera. 


Lake District

Another one for the bucket list is the Lake District, attracting both the adventurers and the loungers. Whether it’s reading a book or mountain biking, this destination offers something for everyone. It’s a popular place for families and large groups due to it’s self-catered cottages and camping spots.



I’ve only been to Cambridge once and it wasn’t even a full day but from what I saw, this is an iconic location for a road trip. Home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, this rich town is full of history and culture that needs to be explored.

One activity that should be tried is the punting tour. Close your eyes and you’ll feel as though you’re in Venice with these punting tours that explore the landmarks and are only visible from the river.


North Walsham, Norfolk

We stayed in North Walsham a couple of years ago for a girly holiday with my Mum, Nan and Auntie. Norfolk is a beautiful town, again located near the coast. North Walsham wasn’t too far away from Norfolk itself but it has this more secluded, community vibe about it that I loved. With plenty of countryside to get stuck into, this is a great place for lots of walking and fresh countryside air.



I’m determined to get myself to Edinburgh this Summer not only for the popular Edinburgh Fringe Festival but for the simple fact that I’ve been to Scotland once and I can’t even remember most of it. Perhaps the lack of warm weather and distance from London puts me off from going there but as it’s Scotland’s capital, I definitely need to explore it one weekend.

What do you think is a road trip worthy destination? Let me know in the comments below.


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