25 Ideas For A Staycation


It’s official. I’m going on a staycation this Summer. Why you ask? Oh just the small thing of BUYING A FLAT AND HAVING NO MONEY kind of thing. Yep, unfortunately I’m not a millionaire…yet. So we won’t be jetting off to sunnier weather this year and instead we’ll be spending some time at home enjoying our new place or otherwise known as a staycation.

New HomeIt got me thinking though. Many of us often have a stay at home vacation so here’s a few ideas to make the most out of the holiday you have in your home town, whether that’s here in the UK or elsewhere.


– Have a film fest whether that’s a day of Disney films, trilogy films or some of your favourites

– Explore a new area near you. Take a day trip, research some things to do and just get outdoors.

– Spring clean your place. It’s a chore yes but for me it’s so therapeutic and great to get rid of the old crap.

– Have a full on session at the gym or local swimming pool because exercise is good for the soul.

– If it’s good weather, have a picnic in the park. Grab some booze and some nibbles and just relax.

– Refresh your wardrobe by going shopping for the day. Make it a day out with breakfast, lunch and dinner at your favourite food spots.

– Bake some delicious treats. Whether you are talented or not in the skill, it’s so much fun.

– Curl up in bed or on the sofa and dive into a new book. Don’t get up until you’ve got familiar with the storyline.

– Stay in a hotel nearby. It’s weird I know but having that luxury of a hotel room where you don’t need to clean up is amazeballs.

– Be a hometown tourist and spend a few days enjoying your area, even if you’ve been to those places before.

– Turn yourself in a photographer and take some snaps. Memories are important so make sure you have plenty of them.

– Switch off that technology and play a board game with friends or family. There’s nothing like a game that could very much end in tears.

– Have a digital cleanse and clean up your e-mails, delete your old files and empty out that rubbish bin.

– Have a spa and pampering day. Paint your nails even if you don’t have any (like me), apply a face mask or two and sip cocktails like the god/goddess you are.

– Scrap your usual morning breakfast and indulge in another culture’s cuisine to start off your day.

– Turn your living room into a blanket fort whether you have kids or not, IT’S FREAKING EPIC. Add booze to the mix and you’ve made it.

– Learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to master. Like learning a language, that skill that we always say we want to learn but we never do. 

– Set up your own garden cinema (if you’re lucky enough to have one), invite friends and get that popcorn poppin’.

– Don’t set an alarm and let you body wake up naturally. It’s one of the most comforting things I love the most.

– Have a night out on the town and stay out till the early hours of the morning. 

– Go for a bike ride or take a long walk with your partner or bestie. Take supplies so you can make a day of it.

– Grab a taxi from AA Taxis, pick a destination and just drive.

– Do your bit for the local community and volunteer where you can.

– Soak up some culture by museum hopping in your local area. If there aren’t any museums, research your area and seek out some historical hotspots.

– Camp outside under the stars if it’s warm or take extra blankets and hot water bottles if it’s a bit chilly. Get stargazing!

Staycations are a great opportunity to enjoy your time without the need to spend hundreds and hundreds on a holiday away. Are you planning a staycation soon? Let me know your plans in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.



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