Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide


Wedding planning is a stressful affair. What color bridesmaids gowns will you choose, and which flowers will match? You can’t have conservative uncle Jeff sit next to your liberal aunt Sally, but then your estranged cousin would have to be seated next to your BFF table, what a nightmare! Do you need a cheese tasting table, a live band or a DJ, and should you seek out the renowned Dr Garcia Las Vegas plastic surgeon?!

RingsHold on a minute, there. Take a deep breath and relax. Before you start pulling your hair out over every last fine detail of your wedding, take a look at this ultimate guide.


Nine Months Before the Big Day

At this point in time, all you need to do is focus on the mundane details. You need to decide how much you can budget for the event, gather a rough idea of what guests you would like to have in attendance, and pick your wedding party. Aside from that, you can create a wedding folder with a collection of ideas for future inspiration.


Eight Months Prior

Start this month off by booking your officiant, any entertainment, and a photographer. This also when you should pick out a wedding dress and launch your wedding website. You might also want to throw an engagement party.


The Seventh and Sixth Months

During this time, it is important to select the bridesmaids’ outfits. Shop around for bridesmaids dresses and bridesmaids gowns on Azazie to help you color coordinate with ease. Invitations are also on the list this month.

Ideally, you should meet with the officiant as well as send out your save-the-date cards. Don’t forget to book your florist, too. Take some time to relax after you’ve completed these steps and plan out your honeymoon with your lover.

Wedding Flowers

The Fifth and The Fourth

Alright, it’s time to order the cake and purchase your shoes. These months also require you to schedule your hair and makeup services in advance, pick out your wedding playlist, and book the rehearsal.


Three Months Prior

Finalize all of your services as soon as possible this month, then order favors if need be. Create an order of events for the day of that includes any readings as well. This is also when you’ll purchase the rings, making it an expensive one.


Two Months Before the Big Day

Send out your invitation, meet with the photographer, and review the night’s music with your band or DJ. Since last month was a little hectic, take this one to enjoy your bachelorette party!


One Month to Go

Get your marriage license and order copies of any name changes, stock up the bar, and make as many final payments to the services you’ve hired at this point. Now is the time to assign seating, no matter how complicated it can be, and write your vows.


The Week Of

Do yourself a huge favor and call every vendor to ensure everyone is on the same page with your plans. Check with your bridal party to make sure each person knows their roles, too. Oh, and call into the venue to ensure that everything is still on schedule.

You should be able to pick up your dress at this point and get any other pampering services you may need, like a manicure. That’s it. All you have to do now is pack for your honeymoon and enjoy the biggest day of your life!

Are you getting married? Let me know if you’ve started packing for your wedding in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been pre-written.


Wedding Planning Guide


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