Home Maintenance Tips To Do Before Summer


When the days get longer and the weather starts getting warmer, the last thing that you want to think about is the home maintenance. However, a little pain right now will mean huge gains later when it comes to summer maintenance tips.

Home MaintenanceHere are some tips that will make your summer smoother and more enjoyable.


Stop Mold in its Tracks

Because summer has the hottest months of the year, mold is common in areas with heavy rain. All that moisture and heat will provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive. You can keep mold at bay by lowering your thermostat. You should also avoid leaving your fan on; instead, you should place it on auto.

If your fan is continuously running, any moisture that condenses on its evaporator coil will not drain off; it might even blow back inside the house. You should also avoid shutting off the supply grills because this might result in condensation buildup that will lead to mold growth. If you end up with mold in your home, you should expect to pay a small fortune to have it removed.


Check Your AC

In the heat of summer, the last thing that you want is a busted air conditioner. Before the heat waves start rolling in, you should test run your AC for thirty minutes to make sure that it is cooling as it should. To lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit, you should adjust your thermostat by 2-3 degrees only at a time.

If anything appears to be off, you should call in the HVAC professionals. Although you will spend between 100 and 250 dollars for servicing, you will reap the benefits of a working AC in the summer. When the outdoor temperatures start becoming unbearable, you will probably consider it money well spent.


Service the Sprinklers

You should service your irrigation system to avoid damaging your landscape and save water. Ensure that your sprinklers are following the rationing regulations in your area. If you spot a problem that you cannot fix, you should call a plumbing company such as Plumbing Fix to deal with it. Although this might cost you initially, it will help you to save on water bills much later.


Eradicate Pests

In warm weather, all the creepy crawlies come out of hiding but you can keep them at bay by doing the following…

– Trimming the bushes and shrubs in your compound because they might harbor ants and beetles.
– Eliminating all stagnant water in your compound to prevent mosquitoes from hatching.
– Switching out your mercury vapor light bulbs with sodium vapor varieties, which do not attract many insects like beetles and moths.
– Keeping any bird feeders at least 25 feet from your house because they might attract rodents.


If you are seeing pests frequently, you should call in professional exterminators. If you want to clean your carpets thoroughly to get rid of bugs and their eggs, you should call professional cleaners such as Spotless Cleaning Chicago to do it for you.


Keep Your Refrigerator Operational

Your fridge is very valuable in the summer heat. You should keep it running by cleaning up the condenser coils and removing dirt and debris that is hiding in them. If you suspect that something is wrong with your fridge, you should call in the experts to fix it for you.

Summer is one of the most highly anticipated seasons because it brings warmth and an array of outdoor activities with it. The above tips will help you to keep your home in top condition when the summer heat arrives.

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