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I have to say, my Pinterest is currently getting ALL of the activity on it at the moment as I’m obsessively pinning wedding ideas to all of the boards that I have. From wedding dresses to party favours, decorations to floral arrangements, I’ve pinned it all. You can check them out here if you’re interested. One of the first things myself and Hannah (my maid of honour) talked about was the venue. I couldn’t believe just how much went into the venue and it’s probably one of the most if not, the most important aspect of a wedding. So I thought I would share with you what we brainstormed and what I’m looking for in a wedding venue.

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The location for us is important because we want it to be in reach of everyone we know and love who’d be invited. We live in London but I wouldn’t want to have everyone spending hundreds of pounds to book pricey hotels and pay the extortionate prices for drinks here in the capital. Therefore, we’re looking at venues between my hometown and Sam’s so this would be somewhere in the Midlands.

The type of location is also important because I’m in love with castle and manor house settings so I’m thinking a big location with acres of land.



One of the many things we discussed when thinking about a venue was the capacity. We realised at our engagement party that we knew and loved a lot more people than the average person does so our wedding is probably going to be on the bigger end of the scale. I’d like to have the wedding hosted in the same venue and for the actual ceremony, we’ll reduce the size of those attending down and have most of the party come sporadically throughout the afternoon and into the evening.


Photo Opportunities

This relates to the location but photo opportunities are a must when it comes to the venue. I want to be able to capture some special moments so a venue with a lot of variation including gardens would be perfect for getting all the shots. There’s so many ideas when it comes to taking the photos so I think I’d like two photographers. This is so we can get photos easily of both my bridal group and Sam’s groomsmen beforehand and hopefully it would speed up the time that guests are waiting in between the ceremony and dinner/speeches.



We’ve not set a budget for the wedding yet but when we do, we’ll definitely be looking into packages that are offered in the venues we like. I mentioned that I wanted to have the whole wedding in one location, mainly as this would cut costs on travelling from one venue to another. I think the cost of food and drink will be the most expensive so we’ll have to seriously think who we have with us in the afternoon and who comes after.



I would ideally like enough accommodation within the actual house to fit our nearest and dearest. Hopefully we can find a location though that is nearby to other places of accommodation to avoid anyone having to leave early because the place they are staying is miles away from the venue.

Have you had experience in looking for wedding venues? Let me know in the comments below. And whilst we’re on the topic of wedding venues, be sure to check out Bijou Wedding Venue’s website.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Bijou Wedding Venues. All words are my own.


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