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One of the restrictions with renting was that we couldn’t hang any pictures up on our walls. To an extent, we got away with it in our last place because there were random nails in our walls from previous tenants who didn’t abide by the rules. However, now we’ve got our own place, we can do whatever we want. Posterlounge very kindly sent me over a few pieces of art to display in our new home.

PosterloungeNow if you know me, one thing I love in my space is photos. Whether it’s of friends or family, I have plenty of them in all types of frames. But I’ve never had actual piece of wall art so I was excited to choose a couple from Posterlounge’s collection.

One of the first ones that I was immediately drawn too was the Elvis sketch. It’s a simple black and white image of Elvis as a young heart-throb, looking down with a moody expression. Now the King of Rock n Roll was and is a prominent figure in my life because of my grandad. 

ElvisMy grandad who is no longer with us, would always be one to hop on the karaoke machine and sing a little Blue Suede Shoes or Can’t Help Falling In Love. I think it’s probably where I inherited my singing talents and my confidence. He was always outspoken and absolutely crazy. I wanted something that would pay homage to two great legends in my life, so that everytime I looked at it, I would think of my grandad.

This Elvis poster is in an Acrylic Glass which is a material I really like because it’s less likely to shatter if it were to fall or more accurately, if I were to drop it. I got one of the smallest sizes in this frame which is actually perfect because it will probably sit very nicely either in the hallway or in our office/spare room space. 

Surprisingly I went with another icon/celebrity rather than anything else in a different category. Perhaps that speaks well for who I am as a person and that performance is a true passion of mine. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are two ladies of the 1950s that made that decade so memorable. It was tough deciding which to choose from because I love them both but after seeing this poster, the decision was made.

Marilyn MonroeHow edgy is this? I love the distressed, ripped background with the gorgeous Monroe sitting pretty at the forefront. The pop of colour definitely draws your eye to the art and I think this would love beautiful in our bedroom or spare room.

This one is also on acrylic glass but is bigger than the Elvis one. I’m really impressed with the quality of these posters and I will definitely be going back in the future when I get around to putting up all my photos and art in our flat.

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*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products and compensated in return for my own review. All words are my own.




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