Bedroom Wishlist


We’re now at the point where we’ve got the last few big items either ordered or ready to order. When all this is done, we’re going to be saving the pennies again for the smaller things like decor for the walls and a gazillion throws and cushions for any place we’ll lounge or sleep. Therefore, I’ve put together a little bedroom wishlist that I’ve been crafting for when we have the money to spend.

Bedroom WishlistFrom left to right – Fox & Ivy Geo Embroidery Cushion (£16.00) | John Lewis Albus Twisted Table Lamp, Black / Copper (£40.00) | Porter Cushion In Grey (£18.00) | Pembroke Light Oak Butterfly Mirror (£120.00) | Chloe Accent Chair In Grey (£149.00) | Randall Acacia Bedside Table (£169.00)


Cushions are going to be the literal bane of Sam’s life because I want them all over the bed, all over the sofa beds and armchairs AND the sofa of course. In keeping with our grey and mustard yellow theme of the bedroom (which Sam BTW now loves), I want to get a mixture of grey, mustard yellow and mixed cushions to go on the bed as decoration. We’ve already got a luxurious grey throw that goes over the bed which I’m obsessed with but now I need my cushions.

I love the bed that we got and after looking at multiple options such as TV Beds, storage units etc, we found that a storage unit option suited our needs.


Bedside Tables

So our bed is a King Size on top of a storage unit and therefore makes the bed very tall. This has taken a little getting used to and we’ve realised that our bedside tables are far down below the bed. Therefore we’ll need some bedside tables that are tall and we’d also like ones with drawers so we can pop our socks and underwear in. 

We’ve currently got a vast amount of wardrobe space but no drawer space, so they are definitely needed.


Vanity Mirror & Chair

So I recently ordered my vanity table after much deliberation over what I wanted. It’s here for any of you who are interested. I got a little discount for offering to collaborate on a post with them but this expenditure has gone on my credit card so I don’t have to worry about it…until next month.

I wanted something sleek and stylish that had drawers but also the space on top for additional storage. I want to invest in a landscape mirror and a plush grey chair to fit the decor of the bedroom.


Bedside Lamps

We had a bit of a nightmare with our van company we hired for our move and they ended up breaking one my beloved rose gold copper lamps that I got from Wilkos. Luckily I was reimbursed the cost to replace it but I’m going to put that money towards some new lamps. With the current ones we had, they were a little too big for bedside lamps so something a little thinner in shape would be better.

Have you got any bedroom decor inspiration you can share? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own. 

My Bedroom Wishlist

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