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In a community of bloggers, we influence not only our readers but each other. Whether it’s a interest in fashion, beauty or home decor, I’ve often purchased or at least wish-listed an item that someones recommended. And I think that translates across all forms of communication, word of mouth is extremely powerful. I think that’s what makes platforms like Pinterest so popular because it’s inspiring people to use their creative flare. So when I was told about Atlist, I needed to give it a go.

AtlistAtlist is a platform very much like Pinterest but is more of a shopping platform rather than a collection of mood boards. That and it’s unique proposition where you can find the best organic products. A lot of us are becoming more concerned about how and where our clothing and other things we use and consume, come from. 

It’s very important that we all become a little more conscious regarding sustainability and how we can help reduce our carbon footprint. At the end of the day, we can’t guarantee the world we live in will be around forever.

So I created my own feed for Atlist the other day. It was pretty easy to sign up and once I’d created a profile, I got started on creating some boards. As this is a fairly new platform, the amount of content on there is not a substantial amount but enough to get started. I decided on a Fashion themed board in which I would put some of my own looks from my blog and Instagram on but also looks that are inspiring my wardrobe currently. 

When you click one of the categories on the main explore dashboard, it comes up with a user’s whole board rather than individual pins which I like because I can see a range of pieces but in a specific style or theme that are all grouped together unlike Pinterest which isn’t as concise.

Atlist FashionThe platform isn’t sponsored so it’s not a place where bloggers and influencers can make money, it’s rather used for those to show others, what the best products are. I like this aspect because it means that what we’re presented with as consumers is something that is genuine. A lot of affiliate offers that bloggers promote don’t always tend to be something that’s their style, so it’s nice to see something removing that falsity we often see a lot of in the industry.

I think it also encourages us to look for new brands and more importantly, the more sustainable and ethical/organic ones that exist but maybe haven’t got the financial advantage that these high-street and commercial stores have.

I see this platform growing massively over the next few months so why not join and be a part of something that could be very beneficial for our futures. Make sure you check out my Atlist Fashion Board. What do you think of Atlist? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Atlist. All words are my own.




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