Reimagining Your Wardrobe Without The Need For Spending Fortunes


We can all get stuck in a rut where we find that we are wearing the same things over and over. You reach for those comfortable pair of jeans, your trainers and favourite caption t-shirt far too often, but if you want to change your look that normally involves spending money, right? While of course, you can go out and buy yourself some new items but there is an element of fun re-imagining and re-discovering your current wardrobe.

WardrobeThere is potential already hiding in your wardrobe, you just need to spend the time to find it again. I thought I would share with you how you can make what feels like an old piece of clothing look different and re-imagined on you once again.


Wearing the right underwear can make a huge difference

Sometimes it isn’t just about the clothes you see, but what you have on underneath that can make a big difference to your wardrobe and how you look. It is simple, if you have the right underwear on that fit well and enhanced your figure, then what you put on top will instantly look better. You can pick up cheap underwear from Lingerie Outlet Store or similar retailers to help you keep the costs down, but once you have invested, you will always be able to help your clothing look its best on you.


It isn’t just the clothes

As mentioned earlier, it isn’t always about the clothes that you wear, there are other ways that you can enhance the clothing you have without feeling the need to spend a lot and that is with your appearance in other ways such as your hair and makeup application. Taking pride in these areas can make a big difference to your general appearance and how you look.


What about focusing on the colours that suit your skin tone?

Would you believe that there are some colours that suit people better than others? It is all down to your skin undertones and what you wear that can drastically change your appearance. A warmer tone can enhance your skin’s glow whereas choosing a colour that doesn’t suit can have the opposite effect. It is simple to understand with a bit of research online, you may be able to rework the wardrobe you have with the colours you have available.


Create capsule wardrobes so you can mix and match

The problem with our wardrobes right now is that we probably either don’t realise what we have because it needs organising, or that we have too much choice. So a great way to overcome that is to have a capsule wardrobe for different things in your life. One for work, one for weekends and one for social events, maybe even one for evenings out. This can then help you to re-imagine and create different outfits for different occasions. It can make a big difference to how you look and allows you to rediscover what you already have in there.

Have you felt a little stuck with your wardrobe recently? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post that has been pre-written.

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