Best Ways To Live In The Moment


Technology is fantastic for connecting people across the world. People with rare diseases have found others just like them. Soul mates have joined together. And understanding the plights of people who have very different lives than we do, is made more comprehensible. But most of us are finding that we don’t live in the moment like we used to.

Life MomentsHowever, it is possible to overdose on social media and screen time. If it’s not documented on a screen, did it even happen?

Here are ways to give yourself the gift of staying in the moment and enjoying real life.


Go Screenless Whilst Eating

It’s so tempting to catch up on the news or instagram while eating a meal but keeping your phone in the next room will make you really appreciate every mouthful.


Deal With Stress

If you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s not just about eating well and exercising. It also means dealing with stress appropriately. It’s easy to push off having to deal with stressful situations by ignoring it and focusing on a screen instead. In order to effectively deal with stress, try the following ideas:

Natural supplement – Many products are available to aid with anxiety. Look for one with top quality ingredients. Reviewy is a website dedicated to producing comprehensive reviews on natural products so you can find one that is safe and effective.

Meditation – Learning how to meditate is not difficult and can alleviate stress no matter where you are. Try it when dealing with a challenging client or when waiting on a long checkout line.


Take A 10 Minute Break At Work Without Your Phone

Step outside the office and take a walk. Best of all, without your phone you can actually look where you’re going!


Meet A Friend And Turn Off Your Phones

Whether you go bathing suit shopping or grab a quick cup of coffee, make a pact beforehand to turn off your phones.


Feel Uncomfortable

We all have those times when we feel out of place and want to disappear. It’s easy to whip out a screen and forget about your current situation. But what if we embraced that awkward feeling? Experiencing the unpleasant sides of a social situation makes you more sympathetic to others who might always have a hard time fitting in.


No Pictures For One Day

Could you go for an entire day without taking a single picture? Take the challenge and you may learn some valuable information about yourself. For instance, would you still plate your food attractively? Do you smile when it’s not for a selfie? Could you end up making a new friend?


Banish Screens From The Bedroom

Are you tempted to unwind every night by zoning out in front of your phone? Studies show that you can seriously throw off your circadian rhythm as well as potentially cause major damage to your health from blue light at night. Improve the quality and quantity of your sleep by giving yourself a couple of hours free of screens before bedtime.


Take Away

Living and working in the world today requires being connected with screens. However, like everything, creating a perfect balance is key. Push yourself to find the right place between being connected online and truly living in the moment.

What things do you do to live in the moment? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This content is pre-written.

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