6 Reasons To Visit Bristol


As a city dweller, I love living in a city. I don’t think myself or Sam are thinking of moving anytime soon and even if we did leave London, I think we wouldn’t be that far away from a city centre. Bristol is a city that’s just a stone’s throw away and has been a place we’ve often visited.

TravelBristol is one of my favourite cities and there’s a lot of culture and attraction in Bristol that brings about plenty of tourism from all over the world. If you’ve never been to Bristol yourself, here’s ten reasons to go.


The Clifton Suspension Bridge

I’ll never forget driving along this bridge for the first time. It almost felt like we’d been transported across the pond to Brooklyn. The bridge stands at 331ft above water level and is 1,352ft long.

With a mere toll of £1.00, it’s a small price to pay to take in some breath-taking views.


Easy To Navigate

Even though Bristol is a city, it isn’t huge, so getting around isn’t a major issue. Getting around the city is pretty easy but if you’re after a reputable taxi service then try AA Taxis.


It’s Shopping District

Bristol’s shopping district could easily outshine London’s Oxford Street. Most notably the Cabot Circus attracts many spendaholics from near and far. What makes Bristol’s shopping quarter more unique is it’s mixture of commercial and independently owned businesses. There’s a little something for everyone, so there’s really very little chance that you won’t part with your cash.


The Harbour

Harbours for me remind me of seaside towns and that in turn just gives me all of the emotions of holidays past. Bristol’s Harbour is pretty much in the middle of the city centre which is a little different as most harbours tend to be located on the coast, away from the centre of the town.

With some stunning harbour-side restaurants and cafes, I could easily spend all weekend here on a sunny day, chomping on olives and sipping a glass or two of wine.


SS Great Britain

And speaking of harbours, the SS Great Britain is certainly a sight to behold if visiting Bristol soon. It’s Bristol’s number one visitor attraction and was a former passenger steamship that was known to be ahead of it’s time when first built.

As a museum ship, you can explore this beautiful ship both inside and out. Tickets can be brought via the website.


Cheddar Gorge

I’ve never been myself but Cheddar Gorge is meant to be a great spot for those who enjoy hiking as this is definitely a place for the adventurers. Only 18 miles away from Bristol, it’s ideal for a day trip and you’ll come away with some incredible pictures.

Bristol is a fabulous city, with many hidden gems to boot. Have you ever been to Bristol? Let me know in the comments below what you think of the city.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post with AA Taxis. All words are my own.

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