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Now I’m not going to beat around the bush, I was given six free sessions of Hypoxi in exchange for reviewing this treatment. Some of you may think ‘oh she’s just saying she loved it because it was free‘ but I kid you not, this seemingly fad treatment blew my mind.

I don’t normally feel so strongly about a brand but this one is worth every penny.

HypoxiHypoxi was something I had no idea as to what it was going in, so I was very interested in the concept and how it all worked. I was VERY skeptical about the whole process because let’s be honest, there’s plenty of fad diets and treatments out there, that promise you the world but it normally ends up being a facade or the results don’t last.

I met Dajana for the first time at my initial session in Knightsbridge. Walking past Harrods, I knew I was on one of the wealthiest streets in London and I had great expectations for the experience. So what is Hypoxi?

Well it’s essentially a body shaping method which is used to specifically target fat deposits from the areas that we find particularly challenging to get rid of. It’s perfect for the thighs, stomach and waist area, and this was something I was aiming for myself.

We started off with a consultation, which I was able to give details on my lifestyle, my goals for the course of the treatment including my ‘problem‘ areas. Dajana then measured me, weighed me and then I got a full body analysis which was incredibly insightful to learn what my body was made up of. The biggest shock was the amount of fat deposits I had. I wasn’t particularly surprised as I knew I’d put on weight but it was a lot nonetheless.

I had six sessions in total, with each lasting around an hour. The first one which includes your consultation normally takes an 1 hour 30 to 2 hours. I don’t think myself or Dajana were expecting the results I got but I knew that I had done well because I’d committed to the course and felt so much better in myself.

Hypoxi BeforeHypoxi BeforeHypoxi AfterHypoxi After

Seeing these photos side by side for the first time, really shocked me. It upset me a little too because for the past year, I’ve felt extremely body conscious. I was at my heaviest weight ever and I brought very little clothing because I refused to go up a size. Having not exercised properly meant that my mood was constantly low and I was starting to think that I would never get myself out of this rut that I was in.

So not only has Hypoxi provided me with the physical results, it’s also helped my mentality and confidence. It was the kick I needed to get my bum in gear and get back to the gym. Immediately after starting the treatment, I signed up to a local gym near my work.

To give a little more information on the actual treatment, the cost of sessions I had which was half of a normal course would have been £300. For the full twelve sessions, it’s £600. Yes that seems steep but if you break it down, that’s only £50 per session which to be honest, you’d be paying that and above for a personal trainer at the gym

Hypoxi MachineHypoxi Dermology

As Dajana is a qualified nutritionist, she gave me a detailed breakdown on what I was to eat and what I couldn’t eat. We both discovered that I ate way too many carbohydrates, especially during the evening. When I went the gym 3 times a week way back when, I had to eat that amount of carbs to curb my hunger but when I stopped going the gym, I carried on with the excessive carb intake.

What surprised me about my results is that I hadn’t actually been to the gym that much either. I did two gym sessions over the two weeks and apart from the change in my diet, I think the reason for the weight loss was through the training machines that I used with Hypoxi.

I worked on three training machines, the first being the one you see in the above photo. The Hypoxi Dermology basically vacuum packs your body and uses a cupping method used prominently by athletes, which stimulates the blood flow in your body to the parts where you are wanting to lose weight. It’s also good for cellulite, loss of skin firmness, water retention and swelling in the legs.

The other two machines were workouts but a light one to suit everyone. The L250 Cycling Machine and the S120 Cycling Machine were both fun to use with the S120 being my favourite as it was more of a standing up cyling, whereas the L250 is a lying down version. The machines clamp you into place and as you cycle, a vacuum sucks away for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so. You come out sweaty as if you’ve just done an intense circuit but instead you’ve just done gentle cycling for 30 minutes.

Overall I lost a whopping 31cm collectively over my entire body. The most was on my waist, stomach and hips which were the three most important areas for me to lose weight. Normally, Dajana said, on average for a two week course, clients only tend to lose around 22-25cm so for me to lose that much was a real surprise.

Dajana’s clients really are from all walks of life. Although it’s more attractive to women than men, there’s a real diversity when it comes to financial backgrounds. Yes you have the housewives, rich business women and yummy mummies but you also get women who’ve saved a little each week to save up the £600 to do the course and they commit fully to it, in order to get the results they’re after.

For anyone looking to lose weight fast or find it difficult to, I highly recommend Hypoxi. It worked for me and my initial skepticism towards this treatment has been well and truly dismissed. Hypoxi is also completely painless and that’s coming from me who has the lowest pain threshold possible.

What do you think of Hypoxi? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was given a free course of treatment in return for an honest review. All words are my own.




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