What To Watch On Netflix This Month

It’s about time I do another one of these because OMG there’s just so many shows I want to talk about. Discovering new shows on Netflix gives me such a buzz because it’s allowing me to discover shows I wouldn’t normally watch.

NetflixThis month has definitely been a month of catching up on new series for shows I’ve been watching for a while and obviously with Love Island hitting our screens, I’ve been a little pre-occupied. But here’s a few shows I’ve watched recently that definitely need watching.


The Confession Tapes

Now from the show Making A Murder, I realised that the US justice system is a little fucked up to put it bluntly. It seems that there’s a lot of cutting corners and a lot of innocent people who are in jail for crimes that they did not commit. The Confession Tapes looks at a series of investigations where the accused are put away based solely on forced and possibly false confessions.

This series for me was an interesting one because in all of them, my gut feeling is that they are all innocent and have been the scapegoats for the police to get a quick closure on the case. But then the other part of me questions why they are still in prison and that many have exhausted all of their appeals. Each episode is nail biting and I’m obsessed.


Queer Eye

I’ve nearly finished Season 1, so the news that Season 2 was filmed at the same time and is coming back in a couple of weeks makes this girl so happy. The show originally aired in 2003 but has come back this year with a fresh image and five hilarious guys who host the show. The premise of the show is these five gay guys, makeover a man that has usually let himself go a little in all aspects of his life.

The show tackles topics of homophobia, the struggles of coming out and being accepted within society. The UK, I would like to assume is a lot more open and aware of all sexuality’s, whereas I think there’s still big pockets in the US that don’t take too kindly with anyone who doesn’t conform to traditional relationships or sexual preference. This is definitely a refreshing and exciting turning point for this subject matter and I’m hella excited for Season 2.


The Staircase

Other than Love Island, myself and Sam don’t tend to watch many series together on Netflix. Making a Murderer was one we watched avidly together but The Staircase has now become our favourite joint obsession. The series follows the investigation into the death of Michael Peterson’s wife Kathleen who appears to have tragically fallen down a staircase whilst drunk and on┬áValium. However, the police think it’s a homicide and Michael’s the killer.

We’re only about half way through so it’s taking all my restraint to not google Michael Peterson at the moment.


The Rain

I’ve watched a few episodes of The Rain but I need to get back on it because I got distracted by other shows. The Rain is an end of world situation where literally the rain can kill you. It’s actually a Danish programme but dubbed over with English speakers and the lip-syncing isn’t as bad as you’d think.

The programme initially follows a family with a dad who seems to know a lot more about this rain that carries the virus than the rest of the family do. Locked down in a bunker, the kids quickly lose both parents with their dad leaving to investigate and their mum dying after saving them from a rabid man in the rain. A very intense watch for the first few episodes, so I’m excited to dive back into it.

I also wanted to create a little ‘to watch‘ list because there’s so many new shows that have recently popped up and I’ve avoided them just because I’ve got so many on the go, that I don’t want to have too many at one time.

The Kissing Booth

Peaky Blinders




Designated Survivor

The Crown

What have you been watching recently on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below.



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