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In many ways, a trip to Cuba feels like a journey back in time. The buildings are old and crumbling, colourful 1950’s cars fill the streets and there isn’t a Starbucks and McDonald’s in sight. But this is half of the fun of visiting this stunning Caribbean island. Of course, it is likely that it isn’t going to stay this way forever, and tourism has picked up in a big way over the past couple of years.

CubaIf you are planning a trip To Cuba yourself, take a look at https://www.gadventures.com/destinations/central-america/cuba/ for some great tour options. And here are just a few of the sights which you will want to enjoy along the way.



Your journey is likely to start in the capital city of Havana. And though parts of the city haven’t changed since the 1950s Revolution, this only adds to its charm. There are plenty of churches and museums to visit which will give you a better idea of the history of the city. And when you are ready for a rest, you can stop in Ernest Hemingway’s favourite bar La Bodeguita del Medio for a mojito or two!



The valley of Vinales is one of the most celebrated landscapes in the whole of the country. A few years ago, it was a simple farming community, but since then, tourism has exploded. Now, many of the houses in the town centre have opened their doors to tourists – and this is a great way to get a local experience. You should certainly go for a stroll around the valley to see some of the famous Cuban cigars being rolled for yourself.



Varadero is Cuba’s tourist magnet. And there is no doubt that the 20km stretch of white sand and azure water is an incredible sight to behold. Most people stay in one of the all-inclusive hotels which line the shore. If you are looking for somewhere a little more affordable, the nearby town of Santa Marta gives you a better flavour of what local life is really like.



If you think that Havana feels like stepping back in time, just wait until you get to Trinidad! This is the kind of town where children play out on the cobblestone streets while a horse-drawn carriage clops past and parents watch on from simple houses with the doors wide open. Make sure that you stock up on sun cream before you visit as this place stays very hot all year round! If you want to cool off, you are not far away from the beach. And there are also some beautiful national parks nearby to hike around as well.

Cuba is still a unique holiday destination which will capture the imagination of all sorts of travellers. If you can, pay a visit here soon while it retains its old-world charm and character.

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