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It’s hard to believe I know this, but I’ve never owned an iPhone. Why? Because either it’s been too expensive to have at the time or my decision gets changed by the person in-store selling me the phone. I know, I should be brave and say NO but when you’re talking to a sales person with the gift of the gab, I’m an absolute sucker for it. Three very kindly sent me over the iPhone 8 Plus to test for the month…well two months because I kept ‘forgetting‘ to send it back and I was OBSESSED.

iPhone 8 PlusI honestly don’t know why I haven’t gone with iPhone sooner. I use Sam’s iPad, I own a Macbook and I’m planning on buying an iMac later this year, so it just makes sense, you know?

But what makes the iPhone 8 Plus, the model that I want as my next phone? Well, there’s an incredible amount of benefits that I wanted to share with you.


The Size

Ever since I set my eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note, I have never been back to a phone that’s smaller. You don’t realise what you’re missing until you have a big phone. Yes, they are a little more bulky and yes they don’t always fit into your coat or back pockets but it makes it so much easier to see things on a slightly larger scale.

I love a big screen especially for my emails and as my blog is a business, this is why I loved the iPhone’s screen.


Quality Of Both Cameras

Arghhhh I’m getting proper aggy over my current phone at the moment because it just doesn’t compare to the iPhone’s quality. Both it’s camera’s are incredible and they very much rival my Olympus Camera that I use to take my blog photos. 

My favourite though is the flash that the selfie camera has, it’s a warm glow that flashes on the screen as you take the photo and creates a natural glow rather than that horrible bright flash that makes most people look awful.


A Finger Print Lock

I’m not new to a finger print lock on phones because I have one currently on my Sony. However, it’s on the side so it’s sometimes doesn’t register my finger print because it’s smaller. The iPhone 8 Plus has the finger print lock on the front which is a lot easier to use and I never got an error when using it.


The Gold Casing

OMG I freaking love the Gold casing because it’s almost a Rose Gold colour. I felt super bougie whenever I got it out and Three also sent me a handy see-through case for the phone which helped with gripping the phone and avoiding any nasty breakages.

I would have to go with the Gold colour when I end up buying the phone because I just wouldn’t be able to have any other colour. It’s just too beautiful.

I want to thank Three for letting me try out the iPhone 8 Plus, you’ve definitely gained a future customer. The service on Three was great and I’ve previously been put off by Three due to it’s signal problems but I experienced no drop-offs in my area so I was well impressed.

What do you think of the iPhone 8 Plus? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the iPhone 8 Plus by Three in return for an honest review. All words are my own.

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