West End Musical Bucket List | 2018

Working within the theatre industry definitely has it’s perks. It means I’m in the know when it comes to what’s hot in London’s theatrical West End. I’ve not seen any theatre productions recently which is frankly outrageous but with some many shows on currently and on their way over from Broadway, here’s my West End Musical Bucket List for 2018.

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Les Miserables

Yes I know, it’s like the longest running musical in the West End and yet I’ve not seen it. I think it’s because I know it’s not going anywhere soon that I’ve not rushed to buy tickets. It’s like that for a few shows on this list, where the production has been around for years and has no sign of closing. 

I’m actually excited to see Les Miserables eventually because it’ll be a theatre space that I’ve never been to before which is just as exciting for me as seeing the show.


The Phantom Of The Opera

Another classic and another one that I’ve not seen. It’s a story that I know very well but I’m desperate to see it performed live on stage even though I’ve seen it during West End Live, a two day event in Trafalgar Square where most of the musicals do a number or two from their show, completely free.


Come From Away

If you’re not familiar with musical theatre, you are probably not aware of this musical. Come From Away recently opened on Broadway to a record-breaking run and is now making it’s way across the pond to tell it’s story here in London. With previews at the end of January, this show is expected to be a popular one. It tells the very true story of a small community of Gander that opened it’s arms to the 7,000 air passengers that were grounded in Canada after the 9/11 bombings in New York.

I think it’s certainly going to be a tear-jerker so I’m taking tissues along with me and a good shoulder to cry on aka my fiance. 


The Lion King

I mean, it’s Disney’s The Lion King, who wouldn’t want to see this on stage. It’s meant to be a spectacular show especially when the ‘animals‘ appear on stage in the ‘Circle of Life‘ and I feel as though my inner child is stomping her foot every time I see or go past the Lyceum Theatre.

The only problem with The Lion King is that it’s so popular, I hardly ever see tickets that are available close up to the stage at a reasonable price. Maybe I’m just being a stingy but one day I will bite the bullet and just treat myself.


The Jungle

Literally everyone who’s seen this show has come out raving about it and telling others including me, to see it. The Afghan Cafe is apparently a hot spot for the best seats so myself and Sam will certainly be going to see it soon.

Set in Europe’s largest unofficial refugee camp, known as the Calais Jungle, covers the lifespan of the refugee camp from its creation to its eventual destruction. A place where people suffered and dreamed, I think this is likely to be an eye opener to things we tend to be a little ignorant about. 


Dear Evan Hansen

With it only being confirmed in March, Dear Evan Hansen hasn’t even had it’s venue announced yet. Another show that’s come from the States, the story follows a boy with extreme social anxiety and following the death of a former classmate, he fabricates a lie that brings him closer to the classmate’s family and allowing him to gain a sense of purpose. With stunning music, this show won six Tony awards so you know it’s going to be a good one.

As well as these shows, there’s also some shows that I hope cross the pond so that I can see them and also others I may have seen but would love to see again. Just some of these are Frozen, Anastasia, Moulin Rouge (I would literally die in musical heaven if that came over), Miss Saigon and I’m annoyed at myself for not seeing Five Guys Named Moe. 

Fancy a trip to the theatre? Check out what’s going on currently in London on Encore Tickets. Let me know if you have a favourite musical in the comments below.

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