Why I Hated High School

I hated school. And I know hate is a strong word but I really did hate High School. For me, university was the best experience when it comes to my lifespan of education. We’re all different in how we handle our lives and therefore something that was fun for one person might not have been as fun for the other.

SchoolDon’t get me wrong, high school did have it’s perks and there were some good times during the five years of my life that I spent there but you’ll never here me saying ‘oh I wish I could go back to school‘ because…well I don’t.


Kids Are Cruel

Children are cruel, I actually think they are more cruel than adults are. High School tends to separate individuals off into different groups and it’s pretty much a ‘be a nuisance and join in’ or ‘keep your head down and be seen as a nerd‘. I of course, was the latter. For me, the idea of an education is a blessing and therefore I wanted to get as much from it as possible. Anyone who played up in class has predictably not gone very far in life in my experience. So who get’s the last laugh now eh? Ha.


You’re Still Finding You

A lot of us, during our teenage years, are still trying to find our purpose in life. We’re still growing and evolving into who we want to be as a person and that’s something we’ve not quite reached when we’re at High School. Well that wasn’t the case for me anyway. I found that towards the end of Primary School and going into Secondary School, that I had realised the group of friends I was hanging around, weren’t the type of friends I wanted.

Not to say that they did anything wrong but for me, I didn’t see myself clicking with them anymore or having the same interests. This spiraled into me trying to find a friendship group that I fitted into. Looking back, I don’t think I ever found that friendship group until university but at the time I thought I had.


Limited Choices For Subject Study

What I love about living in our society today is that sense of ultimate freedom when it comes to living your life, especially your career. Self-employment for example has become extremely popular and therefore the typical 9-5, full time office job has become a little old school in comparison.

And as times are changing, I feel like the education system should be doing the same by giving children different opportunities than just what’s currently available. For me, there were not drama/performing arts classes at my high school which was a real shame because that opportunity in secondary school could have had a more positive impact when it came to auditioning for drama schools.


There Were A Lot Of Pressures

In comparison to now, the pressures of school were minimal compared to being an adult but being a teen was tough. If I tried my hand at a Maths or Science Exam now, I’d probably fail. There was an incredible amount of pressure put on our shoulders at school, especially when it came to grades and having to always be at your best.

Not only that but the pressures to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and the pressure to have sex was also very real. For me, I wasn’t into boys at that point and had no interest in sex but it soon became the norm to go to house parties and that was never my scene.

What did you make of High School? Let me know in the comments below.

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