Preparing Your Home For The Winter


It’s already Autumn (help me) and pretty soon, we’ll be in full swing Winter weather, layered to the gods in woolly jumpers and sipping on ALL of the Gingerbread lattes. As a new homeowner, we’ve never really had to consider preparing our home for the Winter but as it’s a brand new property, I’m keen on keeping it pristine and just like it was when we first moved in.

HomeThere are a number of ways to prepare your home for the Winter and I wanted to share some of those that I think are most important and what I think would be useful.


Avoid Freezing Pipes

We’ve not had to use the heating at all since we moved in at the end of April this year. This has been great for our bank account but as Winter draws in, we want to make sure our pipes don’t freeze up.

Yes the cost of running the boiler can get quite pricey but putting on the heating every now and then will stop the pipes of freezing. You can also invest in some lagging which is a material that keeps pipes insulated.


Consider Insulation

Insulation is the best way of keeping the heat in, so if there’s a way of installing some into your loft and wall cavities, then it will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. There are also different types of material that you can use for insulation, so research those options to find one that’s the most affordable for you.


Touch Up The Externals

Often enough, the exteriors of properties are overlooked so be sure to clean out the guttering to avoid leaking and trim any trees if possible, that are causing the gutters to become clogged up in the first place.

Another option could be external wall coatings from All Weather Coating, like paint but made up of materials that increase the levels of water resistance. Therefore, it’ll keep your home looking good and protected from all that British weather has to throw at it, for years to come.


Stop The Draught

Draught excluders are old school but are very much a useful way of retaining heat in your property. The amount of cold air that we let into the apartment through our front door will definitely become apparent over the next month and I definitely want to get us one. I always thought they looked a little un-fashionable but there’s actually some really nice ones around.


Keep Curtains & Blinds Closed

Windows even if double/triple glazed, they can certainly let a lot of the cold in. Keeping your blinds or curtains closed during the day, allows an extra layer of insulation that will hopefully make your place feel less like an ice cube when you get in from work.


Stock Up On Throws and Warm Clothes

And if all else fails, stock up on as many thick throws and blankets as your other half can handle and make sure your wardrobe is filled with jumpers, hoodies and cardigans to wear around the house.

What are you doing to prepare your home for Winter? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with All Weather Coating. All words are my own.

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