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So I’m always one to give dieting a go. I think for me, I tend to have an unhealthy relationship with food at the moment. My meals can sometimes be a little on the big side when it comes to serving sizes and those meals don’t tend to be the healthiest. Lighter Life Fast got in touch, to ask me to take part in a three month plan.

Lighter LifeI agreed to take part in this plan because I wanted to see if I could maintain this diet and whether it was something that would be beneficial for those trying to lose weight.

The Lighter Life Fast Plan is a 5:2 type of plan where you fast for two days and eat normally during the rest. When I heard the ‘fast’ element of this plan, I was very much skeptical. I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy to fast but for me, I hoped that these fasting days, would actually help me moderate my portion sizes and think about how much I’m actually eating.

When I lived at home, I had the right sized portions of food but since leaving university, my meal sizes have been big in comparison and hence why I’ve put on weight. I’m currently into the second month of my three month plan and I would like to say that I’ve maintained the plan so far but it’s been pretty tough.

FastpotsIt’s been tough because outside of work, during August, I was rehearsing and then performing in a show. I needed all the energy I could get and for me, these meal alternatives just weren’t cutting the mustard. However, that’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom.

One big thing that I’ve noticed for me, is the food I’m eating at work. I’ve stopped snacking and I’ve started to drink a lot more water whilst at my desk. I think my attitude to snacking during the day has definitely been helped by the fasting days but also by substituting some of my lunch meals to the fastpots and soup from the Lighter Life Fast plan.

Now that the show has finished and I’m back at the gym, I’m going to allow myself to commit fully to the second and third month of the plan. I’m keen to see some results and have been tracking my weight and how I’m feeling whilst on this diet. Dieting yes, is often referred to as a fad but for some, it’s actually helped them to have a more positive relationship with food.

Lighter Life PlanI started off the plan at 12st and I’m currently at 11st 9. My goal weight is at around 10st but for me, the most important thing is that I shift some of the weight from my tummy and legs and that I feel healthier than I do now.

My plan ends in November and I’m hoping that you’ll see some results from the plan. I’ll also give an honest opinion about how the diet went for me and whether it’s worth it.

Have you ever heard of the Lighter Life Fast plan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was sent these products in return to take part in a three month plan and to honestly review the process. All words are my own.

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