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At the age of 25, I’ve still not taken a single driving lesson. I suppose I never really needed a car so why spend all that money when it could go on booze? This was my thought process a lot throughout college and university. Driving for me was never something I yearned for. John Clark are a motor group selling used cars and have some BMW X3 deals currently on offer.

BMWBut do I even need a car yet? Even now, we live in an apartment that’s in Zone 4 of London. I’ve only recently been thinking about lessons because I know that within the next five years (ideally on the fifth year), we’ll have probably moved and would be starting a family. 

The idea of me driving is petrifying. I think because I’ve now left it so long to start driving lessons, I’ve given myself the unnecessary fear that I’m going to be the only person in the world who will be absolutely diabolical at driving. Which is silly because there’s bad drivers out there who can legally drive so mate, I got this.

But what would I like for my first car? Not a question I’ve really asked myself if I’m honest, mainly because I don’t know a Honda from an Audi. I distinguish cars purely by their colour and…shape. See, I’m really bad.


It’s Got To Be Brand New(ish)

One of the things that really put me off from driving was that all of my friends and ‘associates‘ at college had the ugliest cars in the world. These were second hand motors in the most awful colours and styles. And if you had one of those fluffy dices in your rear view mirror, you were cool. If you STILL have those fluffy dices in your rear view mirror – get in the bin.

For my first car, I want something that is newish. None of these death traps that my friends had at college, but one that’s nice to look at.


From A Reputable Company

I know that I’m going to be a total sheep when it comes to a car and I’ll pick one out fro the company that’s got the best reputation.

At the end of the day, you’re driving around in a vehicle that if you or someone else isn’t careful with, could get you injured. So I want to pick a brand that is renowned for cars that are affordable but more importantly, safe.


A Family Car

Cars like the new BMW X3 are perfect for families because they’re stylish, not over dominating like a Land Rover but big enough to fit all the little ones in. I cannot deny that my baby broodiness has kicked in and has been kicking in since I turned 25. Even though I’m still unable to look after myself let alone another human being, I cannot help but get all gooey-eyed over every single freaking baby.

No it’s not going to happen anytime soon but if the next five years go as quickly as this year has, I’ll be needing a family car.


Tech Galore

I am a little bit of a tech nerd, so I would want the car to come with lots of gadgets that most of them I’ll either never use or not know how to work. Things like a built in Sat Nav and camera for when reversing are both things that are a must – especially the rear camera because if anyone is going to knock someone accidentally, it’ll be me.

John Clark has some great BMW X3 offers so be sure to check them out. What do you look for in a car? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.



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