6 Common Car Problems & How To Avoid Them


I’ve been having vivid dreams recently about driving. The feeling of driving in these dreams is liberating and although these dreams probably have a deeper meaning, it’s got me thinking about when I should start driving. But like driving, I have no knowledge of cars and how to keep common car problems at bay.

Car ProblemsSo here’s six common car problems and how to avoid them that I’ve managed to find on the interweb.


Flat Tyres

Checking tyres regularly is important because they are what keep your car rolling along. Having a spare tyre in the base of the boot is handy but be sure to keep your tyres inflated and get them re-inflated as soon as you spot it.

Adjusting your tyre pressure is something that you also should consider if the weight of your car becomes heavier, i.e.  going on holiday with ALL of the suitcases.


MOT Checks

MOT is something I’ve definitely heard of when it comes common car problems. It’s important to give your car an annual check, just like you would with your own health. Neglecting an MOT check can lead to heavy fines and the vehicle may suffer damage that could make it not road worthy.

Booking your MOT is always necessary to stay safe. Bear in mind that an MOT is not equivalent to car servicing but is an assessment on the car’s road worthiness. If you’re looking for a reliable place, an MOT in Hertfordshire can be booked at DAT Tyres website.


Lost Keys

I mean if anyone would lose keys, it’s me. I once managed to get through 3 debit cards in a year. Yep I’m being deadly serious. Frustratingly though they always show up instead of staying lost.

Lost keys are apparently one of the most common car problems reported so it’s always best to keep a spare or two either at work, at home or with a trusted friend or family member.


Fuel Problems

And just like lost keys, I could certainly see myself putting the wrong type of fuel into a car. If this ever happens, don’t start your engine and instead give your car engineer a call so that they can come out and drain and flush out the fuel. 


Flat Or Faulty Battery

Battery faults are the most common problem when it comes to cars. This is most common during the Winter. When your car is serviced, measures should be taken by the garage to check that all electrical connections are secure. 

If you take a lot of short journeys but don’t regularly go on long journeys then your battery doesn’t have much chance to charge. Therefore you can charge it overnight, every couple of weeks or so.


Windshield Cracks

Even though the windshield is a strong piece of glass, it can still be vulnerable to the elements. Common causes of cracks to windshields are normally out of the driver’s control but once it happens, you’re responsible to get if fixed as soon as possible.

Driving with a crack is like driving without putting your seatbelt on. Get it sorted as soon as you can.

Do you have any advice on avoiding common car problems. Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with DAT Tyres. All words are my own.

6 Common Car Problems


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