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As a homeowner, first impressions are everything. You want your home to reflect yourself and let’s be honest, we all want to show off a little bit right? So when you want to renovate or do a little home improvement, the big jobs can seem a little daunting. Crane Hire is something you might need for those big jobs that need to lift a little more than you can carry.Crane

Clearing The Waste

With a big job, a lot of excess clutter tends to come with it, so often a skip is required. Cranes can come in handy if your project, say an extension, ends up building around your skip, making it un-reachable for the pick up vehicle. Crane Hire Manchester has general cranes that are useful for manoeuvring heavy materials from a far distance.

Getting rid of waste is important. A messy area will only cause more problems down the line so be sure to clean up as you go.


Structures & Materials

Having a big project, like knocking down your house and building it from the ground up again can be incredibly rewarding. It’s one of my dreams to create a home from scratch and it allows you to fully tap into your creative side. When I think about the types of materials I’d use, I’d love floor to ceiling glass windows which let in all of the light. I also think timber frames using in ceiling spaces can also look incredible and adds that rustic feel to a room.Crane HireWith this considered, bigger cranes with more height can help you achieve those tall ceilings and unique structures that can make your home stand out amongst the neighbourhood. Not to mention the possible re-sale value it could have. Crane Hire Liverpool‘s fleet of Liebherr cranes are made with height in mind and are perfect for these jobs.


Commercial Projects

I’ve talked mainly about domestic projects but cranes are most commonly used in commercial projects and I see so many popping up around the city of London. If you’re involved in the building industry in any way, consider using some of the mobile tower cranes that can reach those dizzying levels you’re after. 

Having the right crane is important not only to achieving your desires when it comes to domestic or commercial renovations, but also for the safety of the property and those around you. In an industry where botch jobs have occurred, it’s in everyone’s interests to use recommended companies that have a long-standing reputation.

Bryn Thomas Cranes mostly lift heavy building equipment such as steel framework for buildings, so if you find yourself looking for recommendations, check out their website to see the full array of the fleet.

Have you got any big renovating jobs coming up? Let me know all of the details in the comments below. Anytime I go to someone’s house, I’m always super nosy so tell me all about it!


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Bryn Thomas Cranes. All words are my own.

Hiring Cranes For Big Jobs

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