A Guide to Picking a Tutor for 11+ Exams


If you have read our 11+ question blog, “To tutor or not to tutor” and decided to tutor, read on to find out more on tutoring. The best tutors are in demand. In certain highly competitive 11+ areas parents claim that the best tutors are often the ones who interview YOU. Therefore, picking a tutor for your child is like great comedy, in that timing is very important.

StudyingThis is why it is very important to start assessing your options early enough and factor in time to convince your child to accept extra work before your ideal start date. Booking UK tutors through an agency is usually one of the best ways if not the best way to find a good in-demand tutor.


How to Choose the Right Tutor For Your Child

Your child’s teacher is often a good starting point when you want to tutor your child. Will tutoring your child increase the chances of him or her passing the test? Does your child’s school offer extra free resources that are worth trying in advance of tutoring?

Booking an initial assessment with a potential tutor can also help you make an informed decision. An experienced tutor can tell you whether or not your child stands a good chance of achieving the specified goal.

Some people believe that hiring a tutor locally or online is ‘job done’. However, this is not the case. Tutors give homework. At times they give as many as 4 or 5 pieces per week on top of the homework given to your child at school. Therefore, it isn’t just a one-hour -a week commitment.


Ask for Recommendations and References.

Apart from considering how good a tutor looks on paper, you need to also consider the learning relationship between the tutor and your child. This is because of the fact that a great learning relationship is as important as what your child will learn.

The 11-plus system varies across this country and it is important to consider what is ideal for your area when looking for the right tutor. In case you are looking beyond the 11-plus to tutoring for A-levels or GSCE levels, the same rules can be applied.

And if you are finding it hard to get recommendations and advice from your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours or any other people, consider using our friendly School Guide Forum to get advice and recommendations from experienced parents.

Truth is you cannot do too much homework when looking at one of the most important periods of your child’s educational life.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This content is pre-written.


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