Things You Remember From Your Childhood


As you get older, you definitely yearn for your younger years. As I’m edging closer to 26, I’m realising that time is certainly not on your side. This is why I love living in the moment, creating memories rather than worrying about the bigger picture. I’m sure there’s things you remember from your childhood that are similar to my own. Growing up in the 90’s was pretty epic so I thought I’d take a little trip down memory lane because I’m feeling nostalgic.


Sharing With Siblings

From defending my stash of Easter Eggs to sharing a bedroom, having two brothers certainly had it’s challenges growing up but it was a fun childhood nonetheless. As the eldest child, I always had to know better (coming from the parents) but that didn’t stop me from the occasional sibling bicker. In our old house, there was only three bedrooms which meant I had to share with my brother for a few years when my youngest brother first arrived.

And although we didn’t have those funky novelty children’s themed bedsI would have loved a race car one – sharing a bunk bed was fun as kids. Not so much when I had to do it during my first year of university because they’d oversubscribed on students.


Pocket Money 

If you were lucky to get pocket money, then you probably felt like the richest kid in town. However, I definitely earnt my £5 per week through helping mum with my younger brother as a baby/toddler and doing chores around the house. £5 didn’t go very far as I spent it on sweets to rot my teeth and trashy magazines. But it helped me understand the value of money and encouraged me to earn my own from the age of 16.


Having Very Little Fear

This is a big one that I’ve noticed especially within the space of just a couple of years. My fear and anxiety has definitely increased when it comes to certain situations whereas when I was younger, yes I hated rollercoasters and I’ve always had a fear of spiders but anything else I could do if I put my mind to it. From playing out in the street without a care in the world to performing in front of others, this anxiousness that I feel more now, was never really there when I was a kid. Does anyone else feel this way?


No Care For Style

Considering my trashy magazine obsession that now looking at them is just a load of brain-washing ‘this is how you should be‘ crap, it didn’t really make me act in a way that wasn’t myself. My sense of style and interests didn’t really change unless I wanted to. I don’t consider myself to be a follower of trends and so as a child and a teenager, I just did what I wanted.

So if I wanted embarrassing highlights in either red or blonde in my hair, I got them. Obviously looking back now, I would have made sure none of those incriminating style disasters existed in photo form!

What do you remember from your childhood? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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