Lighting Ideas To Try In Your Home This Year


Lighting is important in any room in your home, whether it’s natural or artificial. And thanks to lighting fixture designs they can often become statement pieces in a room too. Whether you’re decorating entire rooms, or just looking to add a different element this year, these lighting ideas will make a big difference with little effort required from you. Don’t be afraid of trying something new this year in your home.


Sculptural lighting

The perfect way to ensure your lighting is the focal point of the room is with a sculptural fixture. Bold shapes look gorgeous both on ceiling lights, floor and table lamps. Look for bold, statement pieces that catch your eye as soon as you walk into the space. You may have to think about how these shapes would affect the amount of lighting shining through.


Indirect Lighting

Whilst we’ll be making the lighting in some rooms, the eye-catching design element, in others like the kitchen and the bathroom they’ll be hidden away in sleek designs. This indirect lighting can be created with fixtures such as LED under cabinet lights, strip lights behind a mirror, under counter lighting or up-lighting. This type of lighting is great for creating ambience and encourages a calming effect in a space.


Brass Lights

Whilst gold will still feature heavily in lighting designs this year, you’re also going to see the resurgence of another metallic finish, brass. Now, this is real brass, not the super shiny, lacquered type we’ve become accustomed to. This type of brass looks worn and beautiful, and will only get better over time. So for those who love vintage pieces, brass is certainly one material to have in your home.


The Bigger The Better

If you’ve got the space for them, then big lights should be taking over your rooms. These bigger fixtures ensure a wow factor when you enter the space, and they’re used as centrepieces for the room. Pendant lights look great when styles over a dining table, a kitchen island or the foyer of your home. There’s nothing more impressive than a chandelier hanging in your living room.


Marble Details

Marble details on lamps and lighting will continue in 2019 as a big trend, and it works so beautifully with the luxe trend of deep jewel tones and velvet elements that will continue into this year. It’s also a material that you could easily fake if you didn’t have the budget to get real marble.


Industrial Lighting

Another trend that we’ve seen for a while now is industrial lighting, but this year it’s getting a softer edge with smoother lines and a more polished finish. The smoked and coloured glass accents are a gorgeous design twist to keep your eyes peeled for. Industrial lighting really creates an atmosphere and works well in rooms with high ceilings.

What’s your favourite style of lighting? Let me know in the comments below which one you’ll be implementing in your home.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. This post has been part pre-written.

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