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Red Lace For New Years | with JD Williams


It now seems like a bit of a distant memory, ringing in the new year for 2019. We actually rang it in three times as we were in Marseille with friends and did the French time, then the British time twice. Twice because we had a countdown timer that wasn’t timed correctly. Anyway, that being said, we had a beautiful few days over in France. It was a great opportunity for me, Sam and our friends to all relax. We’re all bloody hard workers and therefore deserved the treat of going away just after Christmas. My New Year’s outfit was a red laced number from JD Williams, who kindly gifted me with the dress.

JD Williams Lace DressI mean, can we all just take the time to appreciate just how gorgeous this dress is. I love red, it’s my favourite colour because it’s passionate and daring. It’s bold and defiant and I feel as though I embody pretty much all of those qualities. Until JD Williams got in touch, I’d only heard of the brand and not actually tried anything from their range. I believe it’s a brand that’s aimed at those with a more sophisticated palette that can only be appreciated through the more mature years of life. Although as someone in their mid-twenties, I felt a lot of the pieces were certainly something that I could see in my own wardrobe.

I picked out this one from a selection and instantly fell in love with this dress. Lace is something I adore and no I don’t think it looks like something your nan’s knitted and thrown over a table. I love that sexiness that the colour brings and I find lace to be sexy too. 

Lace Dress JD WilliamsMy one issue with the dress is the tie belt which I tried to use to give the illusion that I currently have a waist and instead it just rode up to below my bust and looked bad. Until that is, I loosened the belt. But hey, nothing’s perfect. The sleeves for me were a big plus because I’m currently going through a point in my life where I’m being lazy. I’m so focused on blogging and getting where I need to be that I’m tiring myself out and avoiding the gym. I am SO determined to get back to it because I would love to drop a dress size in time for my wedding. Totes realise I’m going off on a tangent here. Anyway, I love how the sleeve conceals the shoulders and I think it adds a bit of fun and flare to the dress.

It’s currently reduced for £37.50 which I love because, for the quality of the dress, it really is an absolute steal. My favourite ensemble is a pair of black frilly heels and a biker leather jacket. I feel like an edgier version of Sandy from Grease minus the cigarette.

Leather Jacket Red DressRed Lace DressSo congratulations JD Williams, you have certainly impressed this girl and I’d recommend grabbing this while you still can because this Lovedrobe Lace Midi Dress will probably be gone soon.

What do you think of this beautiful red number? Let me know in the comments and shop your very own little red dress down below.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with JD Williams. All words are my own.

JD Williams Lovedrobe Lace Midi Dress

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