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We’re approaching a year since we purchased our first home together which is pretty insane. Considering this time last year we were actively looking for properties, it’s crazy how fast time flies. I thought, therefore, that I’d write up a post about our apartment and why we fell in love with it after just one visit.

Welcome MatWhen we first discovered this development (thanks Mummy Redman), we were originally seeing another apartment but it turned out that it had been reserved by the time it came to our viewing. The estate agent showed us a couple more apartments which were ok but lacked a little space here and there. Our apartment was the last one we saw because it was considerably out of our price range. However, we were reassured that the developer would drop the price as he had done on others prior.

The estate agent decided to stay in her office while we went around the last one as it was on the second floor, the lift was back then, out of action and she had bad knees. But I’m glad she wasn’t with us because our poker faces dropped as soon as we entered our apartment. When people have asked me about being in love, I tell them when you are, you’ll just know. And that’s exactly how I felt about this place. I could already imagine myself living here with Sam and the fact it was in a Grade II-listed building and had tall ceilings was what sold it to me.

I’ll never forget our first meal in the apartment was a Maccies (classy) and we were sat on the floor, on beach towels with a bottle of bubbly. As crap as that sounds, it was pretty damn special. When it comes to this apartment, I can’t get over just how beautiful to tall ceilings are and these big beautiful windows that we have with a sizeable window sill to display photo frames and other home decor accessories.

WindowsI still can’t get over how much natural light floods are living room and dining area and the extra windowsill space, means we can have blinds attached and still have that room in front to display things. I think if I could change anything though it would be the radiators. They do stick out a little throughout the property and I would have opted for feature radiators like those that are thinner and a little taller. These styles would probably have worked a little better.

Another part of the property that we loved was the L-shaped living and dining room. In all of the other apartments, these spaces were just too small and were all connected. Even though ours is too, it also feels separate. When we first moved in, we realised that the builders had designed the living room to actually go in the space where the kitchen was but we decided against it as the arch that gave that feeling of separation would suit a living room better. I’m obsessed with our living room because it’s the one space that I’m nearing completion¬†of. I still have a few things that I want to get but it feels like such a comfortable and cosy environment already.

ApartmentAnd finally, the moment we fell in love with the place was when we first walked through the door. The hallway was connected to the two main bedrooms and the bathroom but then you could walk straight through to the open plan kitchen, dining and living area. Just seeing this as we walked in was a real selling point for both of us. I remember grinning from ear to ear and getting so excited where I knew that this was going to be the property for us. Even though we are in a leasehold agreement, the property is ours and I would hope that we could end up making this an investment to rent out eventually. It’s such a beautiful property though that I know we probably won’t have much trouble selling it on. It’s going to be near a cross rail which for anyone outside of London, is the latest in the underground tube line that will cut down commuting time massively.¬†

Not only that but it’s privately gated off from the rest of the area and it’s a two-bed, so would certainly cater for a small family too.

HallwayThere’s still plenty of things we need to get for the apartment but I love doing things slowly. There’s no point in rushing through it as that spoils the enjoyment of the process. The next thing that’s arriving us some plant stands that I got from MADE to go in the corner of the dining area and I’m also collaborating with Posterlounge again on several pieces of artwork that will be going up on the wall behind our sofa.

What do you think of our apartment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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