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Moving into our very first home (yes apologies for harping on about it but I’m so excited), has got me into the mindset of being the complete opposite of how I am now in our rented flat. This will be a property that is ours and therefore the way we treat it will reflect how our home is maintained. I’ve been scouring the internet, doing my research to find the best home maintenance tips to keep our place in tip top shape.

Home MaintenanceSo alongside a few of my own tips, here’s just a few ways of keeping your home maintained and looking it’s very best even if you’re in the property ten years from now.


Contents Insurance

One of the main things we’ll be making sure we have to maintain everything in our home is insurance and in particular, contents insurance. Although risky, we never bothered insuring the contents we had whilst renting (even though I own quite a bit of expensive tech).

But now that we’ve bought a sofa, a bed and god know’s how much else we’ve yet to buy, we’re going to make sure all our prized possessions are covered and where they aren’t covered, we’ve made sure the actual item of furniture is covered by the company who supplied it.


Regularly Check On Your White Goods 

I’m so excited about actually owning a dishwasher (I know – my life has just peaked) but I realise that if I don’t look after it, white goods like this can easily break down and become a costly expense.

I’ve already looked at the right rinse aids and dishwasher tablets to use and will be cautious with how much I load into the dishwasher and also the washing machine. For other products like the fridge freezer and cooker, I’ll be sure to maintain how regularly I clean them out especially when it comes to the cooker.


Replace Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

Your safety is most important so never risk it when it comes to the smoke alarm. It’s horrible to think about it but if you were ever in a situation where fired occurred and you were inside the house asleep, this loud little buddy would help to save your life and the lives of others.

Every 6-12 months is a good point at which to check that the batteries are still sounding off the alarm.


Clean Those Gutters And Drains

It’s a mundane task but cleaning out gutters and drains should be a regular thing. Always try to use a plug in sinks and bathtubs/showers that are able to catch food, hair and whatever else you drop down there. It’s only going to become a costly expense to get it un-plugged.

The same goes for gutters on the outside of the property. It’s important to do a seasonal un-clogging to avoid any damage.


Know Your Surfaces

Whether it’s marble, wood or glass, cleaning a surface requires the right products and you don’t want to use something that’s going to ruin the material. Be sure to do your research and find the right cleaning products that will keep your surfaces clean but won’t end up ruining the surface of your counters. windowsills etc in the long run.


Service The Boiler

The boiler is your friend, it comforts you through those long, winter nights and it provides you with the BEST baths so make sure you keep on top of getting it serviced. As it’s your property, you are the landlord. Checking water pressure is also a must and a pressurisation unit can help regulate water pressure if you find it’s too high or too low.

Well that’s all I’ve got so if you have any home maintenance tips, send them my way, as I’ll be needing them! 


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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