Fitness Goals For The Summer


If I could rewind myself back to a few years ago where I was really fit and healthy, that would be perfect. Unfortunately though, blog life had got in the way and stopped me from exercising regularly. After realising that I weighed nearly 13st, I decided something needed to be done. I took part in a treatment of Hypoxi, joined the gym and now I’m at a point where I can actually set some fitness goals for myself for the rest of the Summer.


Lose A Stone

This is the major goal for the Summer and that’s to lose a stone in weight. I’m currently at 11st 7lbs, which is pretty much the lightest I’ve been since I began university. 10st for me is an ideal weight to drop to because I feel there’s a lot of weight still around my stomach and legs. I do also want to try and lose a little weight from my chest. Now I don’t actually know if that’s possible but I’ve found that in a lot of photos I look a little too top heavy and as much as I wanted boobs growing up, I don’t want them getting any bigger.


Start Lifting Weights Again

Can you believe that I was once lifting over 100kg of weights? Nowadays, I struggle to lift a four pinter of milk let alone anything more than 20kg, so I’m keen to get lifting again. Lifting weights was also surprisingly so good for my core, for toning up and I actually lost weight around the stomach area where long lost abs were beginning to form.

I think after I’m down to my goal weight, I’ll start lifting weights again.


Get Juicing

I would love to invest in a new juicing machine so that I can start making smoothies and juices that I can drink whenever I feel like snacking. There’s some great selections on My Juicer that I’m keen on trying, in particular the Nutribullet range.

During the Summer a couple of years ago, I was regularly buying fruit, chopping it and freezing it in bags so that I had a stock of smoothies ready to just blend and go. I need to get myself back into this because they make great breakfast alternatives and would help curb any junk food snacking.


Tone Up My Arms & Thighs

With weight-lifting, I managed to tone up my arms and legs. Since I stopped however, I now have loose skin until my arms and my thighs are nowhere near the Beyonce thunder thighs that I require.

So along with loosing the weight, I want to start focusing on doing more squats and leg workouts, as well as plenty of weight workouts that target the fat under my arms.


Invest In Some More Workout Clothes

So I brought some Nike’s the other day and it’s weirdly motivated me to go the gym more. It’s strange how new sports clothes can spur you on and I think that what I was lacking in fitness was the clothing aspect. I often would throw on joggers and a baggy top if my one pair of leggings and sports bra were in the wash.

Currently I have some cycling shorts and another sports bra in my collection but I could definitely do with some more tops and bottoms so that I can go the gym more often and not have worry about the clothes I’m wearing.

Do you have any fitness goals for the Summer? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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