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My Experience With The Protinol Plumping Shots | OnlineBeautyDirect

Anything that claims to plump up my skin is going to likely be tried out for me because I love having glowy, healthy skin. I can definitely tell when my skin is in need of a little extra pampering every now and then so I thought I’d give the Protinol Plumping Shots a try, that I got from OnlineBeautyDirect.

Protinol Plumping Shots

The shots say that it’ll visibly transform your skin in seven days, so I used these solely on their own for seven days straight to see what changes it would make to my skin. The shots work by flicking the top of the shot to release any liquid that’ stuck at the top. You then snap it off, pour it into your hands, and spread it across the face. I also spread it across the neck area as there was more than enough product in each one. Probably the first thing I noticed with these shots was that the liquid was fairly runny but certainly soaked into the skin within five minutes or so.  I really don’t like products that just sit on the surface and take about half an hour to soak in. 

Collagen levels as we get older end up reducing and it’s the collagen that we need in order to keep our skin plump and wrinkle-free. The difference in my skin is pretty apparent for me and I’ve definitely noticed a healthier appearance to my skin overall. The shots themselves are easy to lay down on the skin and I like how they’re in a shot form to ensure you’re using the right amount of product. Sometimes, skincare products can be a bit vague about how much you should use a serum or moisturiser. I end up putting on too much or too little as a result. 

Plumping Shots

Protinol is something that has recently come on to the market in the beauty industry and is being raved about for its results when it comes to boosting the production of collagen. I’m definitely happy with the results that it provided me and it’s likely something I’d want to do again if perhaps I’ve got an event coming up and I was my skin looking at it’s best. My wedding that’s taking place next year is the perfect example!

Anything that boosts or maintains the production of collagen in your skin is essential. Have you ever tried products that boost collagen in the skin? Look out for these Protinol Plumping Shots on OnlineBeautyDirect coming Mid May, so any time now!


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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