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Jaw-Dropping Looks From Goddiva Fashion

You may have seen my post recently about Goddiva. Well, I was very fortunate to receive another two dresses and still nowhere to go to show them off. However, the best thing about having a blog is that I can do my own red carpet themed photoshoot in the comfort of my own home so that I can show it off to you guys. As part of their winter collection, here are two gorgeous outfits that are a feast for the eyes.

Red Lace Dress Goddiva*This post contains gifted content.

Off The Shoulder Bandeau Sequin Maxi Dress (Wine) – £79.00

If jaw-dropping was a dress, then this one would be it. I was so excited to receive this one in the post because I just had the feeling that this one was going to look insane. And I wasn’t wrong! The dress is so beautifully fitted and I want to say I feel a bit like Jessica Rabbit in this dress. The off-the-shoulder style is such a figure-flattering look, even for someone who is bigger chested like me.

The side slit on the leg is a little daring but offers enough coverage so you feel like you’re not flashing yourself. It’s a mix of sexy and elegant that I really love. For £79.00, it’s a steal of a price.

Goddiva Dresses Festive

It’s covered in sequins from head to toe and even though that’s the case, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The lining inside offers enough of a barrier so that the sequins aren’t digging into your skin and it just feels gorgeous on. This is a definite 10/10.

This dress is actually in the Bridesmaid section of the website and if I’m being honest, it’s the similar type of style and colour that I’ve been looking for my bridesmaids.

Goddiva Dresses Off The Shoulder

Scallop Bardot With Lace Inserts Maxi Dress (Black) – £58.00

When wearing a dress, I’ve learned over this year that with any outfit, you wear the item of clothing, rather than it wearing you. The reason for this is that unless you feel confident in the outfit, it’s never going to look good or feel good on you. So when I received this one, my initial thought was that I’d feel frumpy. However, when I look back on these photos that I took, I was surprised at just how good my figure looks.

That’s the thing about self-confidence, it really does take time to build it up and with this dress, I’ve gone from being ‘ugh‘ about it to ‘damnnn I can’t wait to wear this out in public‘. At £58.00, again it’s another steal of a dress. The lace along the top makes it good for covering up my boobs without it looking like I’ve stepped back into the Victorian era. The lace inserts on the legs are really something else and when you pop your leg, it looks insane.

Sequin Dress Goddiva Fashion London

Both these dresses have my stamp of approval and who knows, maybe I’ll rock the red sequin dress on Christmas Eve because why not get dressed up in your own home?

What do you think of these two christmas dresses from Goddiva? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Goddiva. All words are my own.


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