Seeing Caro Emerald With Friends

What a weekend I have had. I’ve decided to condense the past few days into this one blog as I feel I can then catch back up to daily blogging tomorrow. So here’s what I’ve been up to recently, which includes seeing Caro Emerald.

Natalie and Sam


Today me and Sam slept in till 11ish which was really lovely considering I had had a lot of early starts due to work, so to have a lie in and for it to be with Sam was really nice. Sam’s mum and dad had planned to visit today as well so it worked out pretty well that I’d come down by chance. We all went to this lovely little Deli/Cafe called Wally’s Delicatessen which I NEED to go back and visit when I’m next in Cardiff as it had a fantastic variety of marinated/stuffed olives. If you didn’t already know, myself and Sam are a big fan of olives and I’m always wanting to try new foods now that as a child I didn’t like at all. The deli just looked so tasty and we went upstairs which was even more quaint. We decided to have brunch so we got some coffee and myself and Sam shared some Honey and Cranberry porridge and some delicious brown toast with what I think may have been homemade marmalade.  I love places like this, that are hidden gems that have been family owned for years. If you’re ever in Cardiff then make sure you go and check it out. Charlie, if we’re ever in Cardiff, I’m gonna have to take you there.

We then found out Sarah (Sam’s Auntie) was also in Cardiff with one of her daughter’s Rosie and I want to say that they were family friends, Karen and her daughter Ella. I apologise if I got the names or relations wrong as I’m rubbish at memorising names. I’m the sort of person who’ll recognise a face but would have to meet them a few times to remember the name. We met up with them and decided to head to another little place called Waterloo Tea. I opted this time for a Cinnamon Spiced Fruit Tea which was delicious and got me into the festive mood. We also managed to have some lunch here as well and I didn’t take a picture of it..but it was poached eggs with spinach on toast with a hollandaise sauce. OMG, IT WAS AMAZING.

We did a little shopping around after and discovered a great little trinket shop called Tiger which had so many useful things in there and I got this China Balm which is good for sore muscles and joints and it smells so good too. We then got a message from Sarah asking me and Sam whether we wanted to see Caro Emerald which was really sweet so of course, we said yes. Now I had never heard of Caro Emerald but when we saw her later I recognised some of the songs.

We went to Jamie’s Italian before we went to see Caro and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t rate it that high. I don’t know whether it’s maybe because I chose the wrong dish but I felt the pasta and sauce I had was a little dry but it was a nice experience and the restaurant itself was beautifully constructed. Ok, so Caro Emerald was stunning. I love her music after seeing her tonight and some of her tracks you’d probably recognise so make sure you look her up. 

Her supporting act was a girl/band called Kris Berry and she was equally as good so you should go and look her up too. The venue was Motorpoint Arena and I’d never been before so that was a good experience in itself. It was all seated as there was generally a lot of older people there but it was a fantastic performance and by the end, we were all on our feet wanting an encore. Afterwards, we met up with Sam’s friends who are studying the same Masters as Sam’s including one guy called Ollie whose sister I knew from college. How weird is that?! Small world eh? 



Not much happened today other than being a good girlfriend, I tidied and organised Sam’s room and then we went out for food at the North Star pub which was lovely as I got to meet some more of Sam’s friends and we also ended up playing a quiz that was on there. Now I’m useless at quizzes and try to steer clear of them but I tried my best to contribute to the team. The team that actually won the quiz were three YOUNG students that I think or know definitely cheated as some of the questions were a little too old for them to know. Unless they were just insanely gifted at knowing useless information then hats off to them. 

And then today, sadly I had to say my goodbyes to Sam and head back to London as I have work tomorrow. But the good thing is, is that he’s coming down to London on Thursday so it’s not like I’m not seeing him anytime soon.

Don’t forget to check out Caro Emerald and all the other things I mentioned in this blog.

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