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It’s another beauty buy from Essence Makeup on UpYourVlog. I got sent their Lips Go Wow lip art palette which contains four cream to powder lip pans. Now I’ve never really tried anything like this before so I was quite intrigued by how they would pay off and perform over time. Also, so far the Essence brand for me has been fairly new and I’ve been pretty impressed by the quality of the makeup considering it’s so cheap.

Lip PaletteThere’s three different palettes, this one being show’em your style. The other two are be an artist and no limits. The four colours are quite different to one another. From the left you have a shimmery shade which looks like a muted brown but actually comes out quite gold-like when swatched. The one along from that is a peachy pink, then a more mauve nude and finally ending with a dark berry shade.

I was pretty impressed by the swatches to begin with. When swirling your finger around the pan, it’s definitely a creamy consistency but then when I swatched it, it was a lot more matte and felt like a powder on the skin. It still had a slightly creamy texture which I would hope would keep the lips moisturised and not cause them to be dreadfully chapped like they currently are. #99problemsandwinterisoneofthem

Lipstick SwatchesI was pretty disappointed by how they looked on the lips. Yes they are subtle but I seemed to lose the pigment of some of them once they went onto my lips. I think they would probably perform a little better if they were creamier because the powder does mute the colours somewhat on the lips.

Swatches always look great on camera when they are on the skin but this can change drastically once they go onto the intended part of the face. However, for me, all is not lost. I want to try these out with some of my nude and red lipsticks because I feel as though they will definitely vamp them up.

The not so brown but instead gold would actually look incredible over a postbox red lipstick of which I have many. The more darker berry toned shade would probably mattify some of the glossy lipsticks that I have in my collection and that mauve nude shade would probably enhance and darken some of the nude lipsticks that are a little too light for me.

So overall, my impression of this palette is that it initially appears very pigmented when swatched but then when it goes onto the lips, it lets itself down a little. However, this is definitely a palette you can use to create something different with your usual lipsticks and perhaps liquid lipsticks. Also the price point of this is definitely justifiable at only £3.50. Even though this isn’t the best piece of makeup that I’ve tried from the Essence range, there’s still good quality within it.

What do you think of the Essence Lips Go Wow Palette? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product but was not expected to do a review. All words are my own.


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