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I attended my first ever Wedding Fayre last weekend and OMG has it kicked my butt into gear with the wedding. Not only that, but I’m now more than ever, determined to drop a dress size by next year. I want to look good when I’m trying on dresses next year and right now, I’m a slob. Being back at the gym is definitely refreshing as my days often consist of my day job and working on my blog during the evening, so now I have another thing to break up the days. I’ve realised quite quickly that my wardrobe for sportswear is rather limited. Callaway specialises in sportswear, specifically for Golfing and so that got me thinking. What sportswear should you have in your wardrobe?


Breathable Clothing

There’s nothing worse than wearing materials that aren’t breathable. It’s never comfortable and it’ll probably make you want to finish your workout or activity a lot earlier than planned. Materials like Bamboo or Nylon are great for allowing your skin to breathe so you’re sweating the good stuff rather than excessively sweating.

Also think about your other sports accessories such as trainers, gloves and headgear. Body parts such as your head, feet and hands tend to expel heat the quickest, so suffocating them in fabric is not going to help.


A Good Pair Of Trainers

Trainers are an underestimated piece of sportswear. We tend to just buy whatever looks nice but only now have I realised the importance of a good pair of trainers. As I’m very heavy-footed and have weak ankles, I needed a pair of supportive shoes that also reduce the impact of my heavy-ass feet when I’m running (which is rarely I’ll admit).

I got myself a pair of Nike trainers and they are so comfortable, keeping my ankles locked in place whilst having the dense cushioning underneath, reducing any harsh impacts with the ground.


Outfits Tailored For Different Sports

You might be someone like me who just goes to the gym or you could be someone I aspire to be who does Netball, Hockey, Football, Gym, Swimming – I mean I could go on. However many sports you do, it’s always good to tailor your outfits to suit the various activities you take part in. So wearing something like the Function 18, Callaway Golf Shirts whilst you’re doing a legs day at the gym might not be the best combination, but perhaps more suited to kitting your dad out for a round of golf.

Each sport is different and therefore you should cater for that sport. I love wearing a baggy top and leggings at the gym but then if I did a spinning class, I’d wear a fitted top and cycle shorts.


The Right Underwear

Having the right underwear when playing sports is often one that’s overlooked until it’s too late. There’s often been times where I’ve worn granny pants and they’ve displayed themselves in all their glory either by peaking out over my leggings or just clearly showing through them. 

Wearing a sports bra will avoid the girls from moving about too wildly. It’s never a pleasant experience when you’re in a standard bra.

What would you recommend to add to a sportswear collection? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Callaway. All words are my own.


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