Monthly Roundup – February

So  I sort of missed out on doing a January update because surprisingly I had a surge of ideas which kept my calendar content occupied for the whole month. I have to admit though that at the moment I’m struggling to find the motivation to create and write content for my blog. I don’t know what it’s caused by but unfortunately I’m human and I get periods of writers block where I just have no clue as to what I want to write about.

I told myself that 2017 was going to be the year that I focus even more of my time on my blog but I have to be honest when I say it’s making me even more unhappy. I think I really need to rediscover my love of living in the moment and not having to worry constantly about making sure another week of content is scheduled in and that I’ve pre-scheduled all my tweets and promotional posts to promote my blog content.

It will definitely come with time and I’m not that type of person to give up easily. Blogging is something I really love and I get a kick from seeing how well my blog has turned out and what it’s given me as a person in the past year.

So what’s been happening recently in my life? Well I got a new job. Sometimes you have to think about yourself and your own health both physically and mentally. Work life is prominent in the majority of your life’s existence so being happy in work is pretty important. I wasn’t happy so I decided to make a change and now I’m REALLY happy with where I am. Here’s a little break down of what I’ve been up to since the new year!

Dining Out

The Lodge Clapham sign

We dined out at a popup restaurant called The Lodge which was based in Clapham North at the time. I was invited along after seeing an opportunity to review it. Read my thoughts on our experience here.

The ‘C’ Word

Katy and her children on the beach

You may have read about my family member Katy and her struggle with breast cancer. She’s recently had the news she wasn’t hoping for. It really frustrates and angers me that there is treatment available for her cancer, yet she’s expected to raise so much money for the chance of beating it. See her update here where you can also find her gofundme donation page. 

Getting Fashionable

So I’ve wanted to do some fashion looks on my blog forever and I’ve finally bitten the bullet and done some fashion modelling to go onto my blog. Taken by my loving partner, I was so happy with how my first lot of photos turned out. You can find my Turtleneck trend post here.

Hosted my first giveaway

Laptop bag

So recently, I’ve collaborated with STM Goods, a company that sells quality bags, both for fashion and holding all our valuables like laptops and phones, in style. Anyway, I’ve teamed up with them to host my very first giveaway on my blog which closes at the end of March 2017. Make sure you enter here!

And now for my favourite part of these updates – the bucket list.

1. Reach a million views on my blog. (153,070/1,000,000)

2. Read 30 books.

3. Buy 5 new things for our bedroom.

4. Do some DIY.

5. Start the Help To Buy Scheme.

6. Attend 5 drama classes.

7. Attend 5 dance classes.

8. Budget my money better.

9. Get recording on my YouTube Channel.

10. Buy a new camera/lens.

11. Get up earlier in the morning.

12. Visit the dentist more often.

13. Face a fear.

14. Turn my blogging hobby into a career.

15. Get a contacts/address book for remembering important details.

16. Find out from the doctors what I’m intolerant to.

17. Do more ab workouts on a weekly basis.

18. Campaign for something I believe in/Work for a charity.

19. Exercise every day.

20. Go charity shopping and find something incredible.

21. Go sober for a month.

22. Reach 1,000 Twitter followers. (695/1,000)

23. Begin learning a new language.

24. Be able to do the splits again.

25. Take singing lessons.

26. Start singing again on YouTube.

27. Try going veggie for a month.

28. Bring my brother down to London for a weekend.

29. Travel to Brighton.

30. Do more freelance blogging.

31. Do more baking.

32. Stop biting my nails.

33. Keep my bedroom tidy – Yes, I’m still a messy child.

34. Reach 1,000 Instagram followers. (879/1,000)

35. Apply to Drama School.

36. Do more travelling.

37. See my family more.

38. Go to a concert.

39. Do something selfless.

40. Give myself more self-care.

41. Get more acting jobs whilst working.

42. Go to Madame Tussauds (yes it’s lame but I want to go!)

43. Go somewhere super romantic. – OXO Tower was pretty special for Valentines!

44. Start writing a novel.

45. Visit 10 new places in London. 2/10

46. Take more fashion photography.

47. Go on more casual walks at the weekend.

48. Watch all the series I’ve wanted to watch on Netflix – there’s a lot.

49. Buy all Christmas presents throughout the year.

50. Make 2017 better than 2016!

How was your February? Let me know in the comments below.

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