Personal Barbers | Shaving Subscription Box

You may have seen The Personal Barber mentioned on my blog before after featuring it in one of my Father’s Day Guides this year. The Personal Barber is a subscription box specifically for all things shaving and I touched on it briefly in my last post.


I really wanted to test the kit out and thankfully my partner Sam was sporting a bit of a beard when I asked him. SO…LET’S GET RID OF THAT BEARD!

The Personal Barber Box

The subscription box comes with a selection of products that change every month. The first box which is what we received, comes with all the basics for a wet shave. As Sam’s hair was quite thick and long, a wet shave might not have been too kind to his skin, so when it came to shaving we used a shaving gel.


There was a step by step guide of how and what to do with the products which are great for those who don’t tend to use so many products when shaving. First up was this delicious-smelling honey soap from Haslinger. It’s very mild and is shaped for easy application. Sam rubbed the soap directly onto the hair and he seemed to enjoy it! This pre-shave step is what will help the hair follicles loosen up to make shaving less painful.

Haslinger Honey Soap

Applying soap on face

After applying the soap, the Somersets Detoxifying Face Scrub is applied to the area. An exfoliating scrub made up of vitamins and Jojoba beads which aren’t harmful to the environment. The scrub cleans the skin and the hairs to avoid any bacteria or dirt going into the pores once shaved.


Sam did say that this had a burning sensation on the skin which may have been down to the sensitivity of his skin. Sam doesn’t normally exfoliate so perhaps he was just being a wuss.

Somersets Face Scrub

Applying face scrub

And now onto the actual shave. We were given an old-school shaving brush to whip up the shaving gel and apply it onto the skin. The brush was very soft and it glided onto the skin effortlessly. I made sure that Sam completely soaked his hair in the foam so as to avoid re-shaving areas.

Sam also resembles Santa in the below photo which I find pretty hysterical every time I look at it.

Shaving Brush

Applying shaving gel

Shaving foam on beard

It was clear to see Sam’s surprise as the razor glided effortlessly down his face to reveal hair-free skin. The whole shaving process probably took around 15 minutes which is slightly longer than he normally takes when using an electric shaver but I want to say that using this process left him with a much smoother and cleaner finish.


The subscription box came with several razors so he’s probably got a good month or two’s worth of shaving left with this box. Ideal if you’re getting the box as a one-off but it will also keep you going till your next box.


Razor shaving hair

Finally onto the Facial Moisturiser which is from the company Good Day Organics. It’s a light oil that’s unscented, so great for those who may be sensitive to perfume/aftershave. The oil keeps the skin hydrated and the jojoba in the product helps maintain oil levels which means less chance of breakouts on the skin.

Facial Moisturiser

The result is a chin and neck that is as smooth as a baby’s butt. I love Sam freshly shaven and I think he enjoyed playing guinea pig for this one.


What do you think of The Personal Barber? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this subscription box but wasn’t required to write this extra post. All words are my own.