Highs & Lows – Week 21

This past weekend has been super relaxing and I’ve managed to get so many ‘home chores‘ done. As the holiday of our dreams reaches ever closer, we’ve now got ourselves a gorgeous suitcase from Tripp (which we actually brought through Debenhams and I had a mission of a journey getting it back to the flat). Both myself and Sam have gone through our Summer wardrobes to see what we may need for the holiday and I’m super tempted to get all of the clothes and some new makeup.

Prosecco Piano


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Be Manic Events Launch Party


So we attended Sam’s cousin’s launch party (ahh all the punctuation) and it was over at his grandma’s STUNNING property where the main space was a converted barn house. He had bouncers, an outdoor dance space and the fanciest portaloos myself and Sam have ever seen. The event seemed to go very well and we were pretty stunned by the on-site magician who was amazing. Well done Tom and best of luck with your company!


Out With The Old


So over the weekend, I had a massive clean up of my room, I’ve put a shit load of stuff on eBay to sell (so please go and buy it). It’s so good to have a cleansing of your belongings every now and again because I’m constantly hoarding things that I really don’t need.



What have been your highs & lows? Let me know in the comments below.





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