The Features I’m Looking For When Buying A House


I’m counting down the years for when me and Sam finally have the dollar for buying a house. We figure this is probably going to be sometime in 2019 which seems ages away to me now but this is something that will soon come around. 

KeysWe’re actually moving out in May 2018 from our current place in the South East and plan on getting an unfurnished property for us to kit out so we’re more or less sorted when we buy our own place. 

I think I take after my mum because I absolutely love looking round houses and whenever we go to someone’s home, I tend to ask to have a little gander. I know right, totally rude. It’s just that I’m so intrigued to see the features of a house and what makes them special or unique.

It got me thinking that perhaps I should figure out what I’d like to feature in the property that we eventually buy. It’s always handy to have that list ready so you don’t forget your wants and needs when the times comes to get your foot on the property ladder.


High Ceilings

High ceilings are the one. They make a room look bigger, they aren’t going to restrict anyone of any height from entering our humble abode. And whilst they may make it a little difficult to dust the cobwebs, it can also allow you a little more flexibility with lighting.


Oak Wooden Beams

Yes to all of the oak wooden beams. This is a feature that is an absolute must when we come to buy our own place. I love wooden beams, always have and always will. They add so much character to a room and there’s so much you can do with them such as hanging lighting or shrubbery from them.


A Fireplace

There’s nothing better than a fireplace that’s lit and warming up a room the old-fashioned way. A fireplace is a perfect focal point to a living room and I fell in love with wood burning fireplaces when living with my godfather in Devon. They’d get chunks of wood chopped from the local area which we’d light throughout the colder periods. The crackling of wood and that visual of the fire burning away was ultimate bliss. 


The Staircase

A staircase is why I could never live in a bungalow. I love winding staircases and the more unusual the better. You don’t pay attention to them much now but staircases were the ultimate thrill when I was a kid (yep, what a sad child I was). I would love a staircase that has solid, wooden bannisters and carpeted stairs. House goals right there.


Exposed Brick

And finally? Exposed brick. I’m a lover of the rustic feels in a property and a bit of exposed brick never hurt no one. Like the beams, it gives a room character and having a feature wall of exposed brick is something I’d really love to have in a bathroom or kitchen area.

What features do you look for in a home? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.


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