Lovely Locks: Avoid These Common Styling Errors

We are always styling our hair differently. After all, we like to try new looks when we are getting ready for work or a night out. And our styling tools often become our best friends. After all, with a pair of curling irons or straighteners, it’s easy to create new looks. However, a lot of people make mistakes when they are styling their hair. And it ends up looking like a fashion error rather than a statement! And they also make mistakes which can leave them with dry and dull hair. Therefore, to ensure you have lovely locks, make sure you avoid these common styling errors!

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Not using a heat protector before styling

A lot of us forget about how hot the tools are we use when styling our hair. After all, when we use them every single day, it’s easy to take them for granted. And we don’t really think about the impact on our hair. But you need to consider the fact that they have heat settings of 175 to 400. And this hot heat on our hair can damage our lovely locks over time. And if you are not protecting your hair before you start using the tools, you could end up with dry and limp hair after styling. And then it will look poor a couple of hours after styling! And if you are doing this every day, you are bound to end up with dry and thin hair consistently. 

Therefore, to ensure you get lovely locks, you need to always use some form of heat protector when you are styling. That way, the hot heat won’t damage your hair. And you can style your locks to your heart’s content without having to worry about the damage later. And make sure you turn down the heat setting on your styling tool. After all, you never need it at the top setting. And will get just as beautiful locks using a lower heat. Also, remember to give yourself days off from using the styling tools. That way, it gives your hair time to rejuvenate before you use the tools again!

Not using the right tool for your hair 

You might be surprised to know how many people use their styling tool and then are left disappointed with the result of their hair. For example, they use straighteners to then find they have kinks and curls in their hair. And they don’t know why it hasn’t worked properly. But a lot of the time it’s down to them using the wrong styling tool for their hair. After all, not every single one is suitable for all hair thickness and lengths. So you could potentially be using something which is not right for your locks. 

For example, you could be using curling irons which are designed for a shorter hair length. Therefore, you will struggle to get your long locks under control. So you don’t make this error, you need to look online for a curling iron for long hair. That way, you will have the best result after using the styling tool. And when it comes to your thick hair, you should opt for a styling tool which has a high temperature which will ensure you get your locks under control. Always read about what the product is designed for before buying. That way, you won’t make an error which will leave your hair looking a mess after styling!

Curling hair
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Not using any hairspray after

It’s so important that you use hairspray after styling your hair. A lot of people just finish using the tools and then head out on their day. But then they notice that their hair starts to go frizzy after a few hours. And then they are upset that they haven’t got it under control! So this doesn’t happen, you should always use hairspray after styling. After all, it will keep it in a set style, so it doesn’t go wayward after you leave the house. And if you get a good one, it should last you a few hours before allowing any movement to your locks. That way, you won’t have to worry about your locks while you are out and about. Therefore, make sure you read up about different hairsprays before buying one that is right for your hair.

And a lot of people make the error of not splitting their hair into sections while styling. In fact, they go straight into straightening or curling. But if you do this, you won’t get the style you are after. Therefore, put your hair into sections using clips when you are styling your locks. That way, it will make it much easier to style, and you will get the look you were after if you do it this way!

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