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Now I’ve dabbled in gambling before, I think we all have. Not just with money but with all aspects of our lives. We say yes to that expired food in the fridge that just looks too good to chuck out. As a Londoner I’ll often cross the road even though the pedestrian light is on red, ignoring all road safety instructions ever taught by my parents.

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Gambling taps into your adrenaline. It gives you a thrill because you’re risking your own money with the chance of winning anything from pennies to millions of pounds or losing it all.

During the festive season every website, company, man and his dog are trying to make you part ways with your money whether that’s on the latest gadgets, useless clutter for your home, clothes or online gambling. So this Christmas, if you do decide to gamble then make sure you consider these tips to avoid any nasty surprises.


Sign Up Offers

There’s plenty of sites that will offer you free £10 or £20’s worth of free credit so make sure you shop around until you find the one that offers the best deal. Don’t sign up to too many, 2-3 is probably your limit so you don’t lose track of where you’re signed up to.


Check it’s legit

Make sure the site you’ll be using is a legitimate site by checking the company, the software and paying system it uses and most importantly look for reviews which might suggest whether this is a site you should be playing on or avoiding.


Know the rules of the game

With an incredible amount of games to play online, some are very similar to others but they may have completely different rules. Know how to play the game before you start spending, otherwise, you may lose all your money in one go and that’s no fun.


The house always wins

The house will always win. Having this attitude to gambling will hopefully sway you away from spending more than you can afford. It’s better to think this than saying you’ll win because chances are you won’t.

Come away with what you spent

If you start with £10 or £20 and you win that amount back, make sure it doesn’t get spent again. My housemate and partner do the same thing when they go to the casino. They take out £20 and if they won £50, they’d keep the £20 in the wallet and just gamble with the remaining. At least then you can come away knowing you’ve not lost any money.


Have a limit on your gambling

It’s easy to just keep spending, we’re pretty much a nation of spendaholics. Budgeting is the most useful thing to do especially when gambling so decide on an amount you’re going to spend and stick to it. If you get too tempted then hide your credit card or give it to someone who’ll look after it.

Do you gamble online? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post with Bingo Kings. All words are my own.


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