9 Beauty Products I’m Binning

Since jumping into the beauty world with both feet, I’ve discovered so many different brands, some good and some…not so good. Now I’ve got to the point where I have several beauty products that I’m about to chuck out because they’ve not worked for me personally.

Selection of Beauty ProductsI hate the thought of chucking makeup out since I’ve invested money into some of these products, however, they’d only be cluttering up my vanity desk for years to come so I thought I’d just bite the bullet.

All of the products are makeup related, I think there may be a few products lying around where I could do a skincare one so stay tuned for that one but first let’s go over why I’m chucking these out.


NYX Sculpt & Highlighter Face Duo – (Shade Caramel/Vanilla) 

RRP £9.50

NYX is one of my favourite drugstore brands so this is by no means a reflection of the brand itself. I own many of their matte liquid lipsticks that are so beautifully pigmented and moisturising. This Sculpt & Highlighter Face Duo was actually bought by my wonderful boyfriend who surprised me with it after ordering some clothes from ASOS.

The colours themselves are a little too dark for my complexion but that’s not why I’m chucking it. I find it really difficult to blend the contour (darker colour) into my skin without it looking dirty. It’s very hard to move it around the skin once it’s been drawn on with the doe foot applicator. Not a fan I’m afraid.


Eco Tools Contour Perfecting Applicator – RRP £4.50

Another product I discovered through the LoveMeBeauty subscription service was EcoTools. I’d seen them plenty of times in Superdrug and Boots but never got round to trying them out. I now use most of their brushes when doing my makeup because the bristles are so soft and work beautifully.

What didn’t work for me though was the Contour Perfecting Applicator. I just find the sponge too stiff and firm to work with and it’s sponge shape just doesn’t help either.


Milani Baked Blush – (Shade Luminoso) RRP £10.00 

This one is probably my own fault because I bought it off Amazon. You need to be careful when buying makeup off either Amazon or eBay because the likelihood of it being a fake is very high. This one immediately did not suit my skin tone and upon further inspection, the colour is completely different to the real one.

It’s a shame because I paid £9.01 for this which for a fake is so close to the price of a genuine one. Oh well, you live and learn.


Buxom Full-On Lip Polish – (Shade Dolly) RRP £15.00

This one’s a miniature version of the full sized one and I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses. They’re tacky, sticky and they just aren’t suitable for windy weather when you have hair of my length. It’s also meant to make your lips look more plumped up and voluptuous which I don’t think it does.


NYX Butter Gloss – (Shade Strawberry Parfait) RRP £5.50

Again, this one is a lot like the Buxom, although slightly more thicker and pigmented. I love NYX as I’ve already stated above but I’m much more of a lipstick and lip matte kind of girl. I just can’t get over the stickiness when it comes to lipglosses. They creep me out.


Makeup Revolution Lip Kit – (Shade Reign) RRP £6.00

This a lip kit I bought ages ago and I love this shade but my main issue with this is that it’s extremely dry. It goes on wet, dries but then sucks out all of the moisture on your lips and it ends up looking a bit of a mess. However, the lip liner that came with the lip kit I’ve held onto because it’s the perfect colour for my other nude lippies.


So Susan Highlighter Pencil – RRP $19.95

This one has good reviews but I honestly can’t see the attraction in it. It’s a highlighting pencil you can use around the eyes and under the eyebrow to highlight these areas. I’m not sure whether it’s my light skin tone but it just does nothing to these areas and I can do much better with one of my many highlighters.


Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow – RRP £16.00

I was so excited for this one and it was one of the latest products I’d received from LoveMeBeauty. I was expecting some unicorn glow realness and all I got was a gooey liquid. I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to do but it just makes my skin look wet.


NYX Cosmic Metals Metallic Lip Gloss – (Shade Extraterrestrial

RRP £7.00

I kind of knew that this lip shade would go either way. It could have been amazing but it instead made me look like a toad. I could definitely see this shade being pulled off by people with dark skin tones but this fair girl does not suit such a dark green metallic colour. At least I tried.

What do you think of the products I’m binning? Let me know which products you’ve got rid of recently in the comments below.


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