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Oh, the wonderful world of hosiery. Doesn’t everyone have multiple odd socks which literally drives you to insanity? Where the hell, do these socks go? Well, Charnos have come to the rescue and I have to admit I was in dire need of some colourful socks that actually matched.

When it comes to Winter fashion, it’s the only saving grace for me, when it comes to the cold weather. I love layering clothing because I hate the thought of being cold. It puts me in a bad mood and that’s not good for me or the rest of the world. I also realise I’ve mentioned this, about myself so many times before on my blog. #shegoesonandon

Charnos HoiseryCharnos sent over a selection of their range and I have to say, I’m pretty obsessed with just how luxurious they feel. This collection is from their Autumn/Winter 2017 range and Charnos have multiple stockists in plenty of well-known stores such as Debenhams and House Of Fraser.


Fairisle Bamboo Socks – RRP £4.99 & Snowflake Pattern – RRP £4.99

Charnos SocksThese cute socks feel so soft. They’re made out bamboo and bamboo has many natural qualities and it’s round and smooth service provides a more comfortable material for your tootsies. I received two pairs, one with some adorable bears on the top and some wintery ones with snowflakes on them.


Argyle Opaque Tights – RRP £9.99

Knitted TightsI used to always hate wearing tights when I was younger, I never liked the feel of them so would always just wear trousers to school and jeans at home. I now love wearing them (go figure) and these knitted tights are perfect for the winter weather. I love the pattern and I think they’ll go down a treat paired with my grey knee-high boots.


Sparkle Spot Tights – RRP £9.99

Spotted TightsPlain black tights are so boring so why not add a little sparkle? I love these sparkle spot tights and I think it adds a little something to an outfit. These are a little too small for me though so I’ll hopefully be swapping these to get ones that actually fit my long spider legs.

What do you think of Charnos Hosiery? Let me know your favourites in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I got sent these products in return for my own honest opinion. All words are my own.


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