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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Netflix has been my winter warmer through these dark and chilly nights and there is so much good stuff on there to watch. If you don’t have Netflix then you need to either pay for it or sponge off your own profile from someone you know who has an account. 

Netflix on laptopNetflix has really come into its own this past couple of years and some of their original series content is incredible and has become very popular. So of course, it’s that time again where I divulge all of the binge-worthy shows that I’ve been watching recently.


American Vandal 

It’s one that I kept skipping past because I thought that it seemed like a really bad spoof documentary until I watched the first episode. American Vandal is a mockumentary about a vandalism that took place in a school parking lot and questions the judgment of who did it. A satire of true crime documentaries such as Making A Murderer or Serial, this series is incredibly well done and incredibly funny. 27 dicks were drawn on 27 cars – I mean, I can’t even.

The acting is on point and so believable, the script and cliffhangers are everything and you find yourself unintentionally hooked, rooting for the convicted to be exonerated. 



I’m conflicted with this series because, like many other people who’ve watched it and said the same thing, it doesn’t really go anywhere. I think that might be because they’re building it up with more seasons though so I’ll hold out on my judgement.

Mindhunter follows two FBI agents who attempt to understand and catch serial killers by studying them psychologically. What drives them to commit these unspeakable crimes and would speaking to serial killers themselves help discover these mystery questions?

It stars the gorgeous Jonathan Groff who plays a straight man so convincingly. He’s a fantastic performer I particularly like Cameron Britton who plays serial killer Edmund Kemper. His performance has made him famous and I literally cowered into the sofa every time he came on screen.


Riverdale – Season 2

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was left gripping my screen in horror as Riverdale closed its last episode of season one. I blitzed through season two within days and this was another season that sort of ended without any closure. Obviously again, there’s likely to be more seasons but what happened to twenty odd episodes per series. THIS GIRL NEEDS MORE SUSTENANCE! 


Big Mouth

This animated cartoon is weirdly wonderful. One of our friends actually introduced us to this the day before New Year’s Eve and it is hideously hysterical. Going through puberty is tough so this cartoon series delves right in with all of the crass and all of the scenarios that most of us likely went through during our teenage years. 


How To Get Away With Murder

I’ve only just started this series but I am hooked. A new year of students takes on a class with a renowned professor of defence law, teaching them ‘How To Get Away With Murder‘. Selecting a group of students, Annalise picks the best and brightest to assist her with cases at her firm. However, it’s not long until her students find themselves in hot water and a dead body on their hands.

I also saw that there were two more seasons of this so I’m going to be entertained aplenty for the next few weeks.


Black Mirror – Season 4

The latest in this dark and twisted series of Black Mirror popped up on Netflix recently and I was SHOOK. There’s one episode in particular ‘Crocodile‘ that was pretty heavy to watch but there are quite a few others that were very dark but also had a happier ending. Most of them tend to be heavily tech-driven, with many being set in the future. Definitely worth a watch if you want to see what our lives could be like one day.


The Sinner

Wow, what a series. The crime seems pretty conclusive. A woman murders a man on a beach for no apparent reason and therefore it must be a random act of madness. However, Detective Harry Ambrose has other theories and is refusing to believe that what she did has a simple conclusion. This is one of the best programmes I’ve seen on Netflix and I highly recommend watching it if you like a good crime thriller.

What have you been watching on Netflix recently? Let me know in the comments below with your recommendations.


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