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I feel like Essence Makeup has been on my wishlist forever. It shouldn’t have been because it’s a brand that’s stocked by Wilkos (a store which I’m obsessed with here in the UK) and it’s also incredibly good value for money. 

Essence Makeup HaulSo when I received a bunch of stuff from Essence to try out, I was pumped. I mean, who doesn’t like surprise makeup sent in the post?

I received a mixture of beauty products that ranged from nail varnishes, lipsticks, eye-shadows and a cheeky glow highlighter. It’s my first experience with this brand, so I’m excited to try these out.


Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter – RRP £3.50

Give me this on a blue Monday and I’ll be giving off my inner unicorn realness for the rest of the week. This cruelty-free glow highlighter is a sight to truly behold. It’s something quite garish that you’d expect to find in a teenager’s makeup bag but this genuinely rivals some of the highlighters in my collection.

HighlighterHighlighter SwatchesI mean let’s just take a moment to look at these gorgeous swatches. I decided to swatch them individually and as a whole, so we can see them in all their beauty. I love the gold and pink toned ones and I think the blue would look beautiful as an eye-shadow. I was pleasantly surprised with the way it came out when I swatched them altogether (bottom swatch). It’s a beautiful iridescent mix of all four colours. 


Party In A Bottle Nail Glitter – RRP £2.00

Nail GlitterNow this is the only product I’m not a major fan of. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love the glitter and how holo-esque it is but it’s glitter. And glitter is messy. For £2.00 it’s not too bad and I would consider using it on special occasions or as an alternative glitter for the face and not the nails.


Metal Shock Eye-shadow (Shade Stars & Stories) – RRP £3.50

Not quite sure if this one is the correct shade but the one in the link is the closest to the shade colour that I could find. This is a creamy metallic eye-shadow which is very similar to the NYX Metallic Eye Creams that I reviewed on my blog a while back. I think this is a gorgeous coral shimmer that would look perfect as an eye-shadow topper and to create that ‘crease cut‘ that all beauty YouTubers harp on about.

Eyeshadow PackagingEyeshadow SwatchThe pigment is stunning but the only thing I’d say with this is that the coverage isn’t the best. However, for £3.50, it does the job.


Holo Love Nail Varnish – RRP £2.80

This nail varnish is STUNNING. This would make a great nail varnish on it’s own or as a top coat on a basic colour. There’s a pink undertone on the base of the varnish and then just holographic realness coming from the specks of glitter of which there are so many different colours.

Nail Varnish Swatch

Out of Space Stories Nail Polish – RRP £2.00

Another holographic polish, this pearly, iridescent polish is definitely one I’m looking forward to trying out. I’d be keen to try it out on a French manicure instead of using a pale pink option.


The Gel Nail Polish (Electriiiiiic 31) – RRP £1.60

Essence also have a range of Gel Nail Polishes which require no lamp and I’m excited to see how well they perform. I think for the price, if they stay on for more than a day I’ll be impressed. I also love the colour of this blue, it’s such a regal, deep shade.


Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick (Shade Cherry Sweet) – RRP £2.30

This surprisingly is actually a really good lipstick. It feels very moisturizing on the lips and the colour is a beautiful berry colour. For £2.30, this lipstick is an absolute steal and I’m definitely going to get some more shades.

Lipstick Essence Lipstick SwatchMy overall opinion of Essence is extremely positive. Their products are high quality considering the cost and I’m certainly going to try out more from the range in the future.

Have you tried Essence before? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted these products and was under no obligation to write a review. All words are my own.


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