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Co-working spaces are something I’ve spoken about on my blog before and I think they’re great for bloggers, influencers and start-up businesses to utilise rather than being that person sat in a Costa Coffee all day, sucking up the internet and hogging the only comfy sofa in the place (not that this is a bad thing). Creating a flexible office space is something that a lot of these co-working spaces offer so until this lil blogger goes full-time, how can I create a flexible office space in my own home?

Office Space

Messy space, messy mind

It’s one of those sayings that I think I heard for the first time back when I was at school (god that seems a lifetime ago). A messy space equals a messy mind. And it’s true. I feel so much more motivated to work if the space around me is clean and tidy. In order to keep your space tidy, invest in handy storage supplies such as letter trays, pen holders and magazine racks. Make it a daily task of chucking out any unnecessary¬†paperwork or crap lying around on your desk.


Invest in some good lighting

When it comes to blogging (and I can totally admit to this), a lot of our working areas can be poorly lit or uncomfortable. Whether that’s in bed with the lights off whilst your partner snores away or sitting on a hard chair, hunched over your desk. It’ll pay off by investing in your surroundings for the good of one’s health. Working in good light and buying some proper office furniture will make your working environment a lot more enjoyable.


Take regular breaks

Like flexible office spaces, the space itself doesn’t just have desks but has many extra perks such as tea/coffee facilities, break out areas and even their own gyms. Create this space by taking regular breaks away from your work area. Make a hot drink or prep yourself some lunch. Perhaps you have the luxury of a cosy AF armchair that you can relax in with a good book for half an hour. Use what you have for those little moments away.


Create the atmosphere

Shared spaces can often vary. Some areas might be quieter, where individuals are glued to their laptops and others may have group meetings going on. When you’re at home, create the atmosphere you want. My preferred working atmosphere is in my room, with no distractions whatsoever and that includes no music playing and no one else, just me.

Others may find having the television on in the background handy as a way of focusing or¬† maybe having someone in the room to chat to every now and again. It doesn’t matter what your atmosphere is, as long as you’re getting the work done that’s all the matters.

Do you have an ‘office‘ space? Let me know how you create your flexible office space in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaboration with Signature Works. All words are my own.


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