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There’s never been quite a HALLELUJAH moment like when I un-boxed The Premium Styling Dock the other day. I don’t think there’s actually anything like this on the market (and I’ve just google searched and it’s pretty dire), so this is definitely going to go down well with most hair tool obsessed people.

Premium Hair DockThe Premium Styling Dock has only just recently launched on the market and it’s certainly a premium product both in the way it looks and how it works. The dock comes with three compartments of various sizes. One bigger compartment in the middle is enough to fit a standard hairdryer in whereas the other small compartments either side are more for your curling tongs, straighteners and hairbrushes.

The Dock is retailing at £30.00 which in all honesty, is a fair price if you want to keep your vanity/beauty tables clean and avoid tripping over wires from hair tools you un-plugged and forgot about. With it’s silicone wrap around the outside, the dock allows you to place tools that are cooling down without causing any damage. The very handy clips on the back of the dock, allow you to wrap the tool’s wires around and then actually plug it into the holder. This my friend’s was a moment where I was like ‘YAS! You’ve thought of everything with this thing‘.

Sillicone Heat DockHair DockOn the front you’ve got two compartments that are transparent and fit in your hair bands (which always have a habit of going walkies), clips and other hair accessories. These could have been slightly bigger to cater for the amount of hair bands I have but I’m not fussed by that too much.

Another thing to note about the clips on the back is that they do come off quite easily so it can be a little fiddly if winding the wires round whilst the clips are on the dock. There’s also an extra hook clip which is useful for hanging off a rail.

I’m definitely here for design, the sleek black on black is perfect for any colour scheme bedroom or bathroom and I’m already showcasing it on my chest of drawers in my current place of living. I cannot wait until I get my vanity table because I know this is just going to look amazing on it. The company who’ve created this product is called Minky which is an online home-care brand.

I must say I’m already checking out their indoor heated airers because we’re after something that will dry our clothes quickly and not take up too much space, so those look like the perfect solution.

Overall, I must say I’m pretty sold on this storage solution, I think it’s certainly useful if you have a lot of hair-care tools and it has a great way of keeping all those messy wires in order.

Go check out Minky’s website and get your styling dock here with 20% off using the code upyourvlog. Offer ends till the end of March.


*Disclaimer – I was gifted this product in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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