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Since I got engaged, wearing jewellery is now a thing for me. The most I used to wear on special occasions would be my Pandora bracelet but now I’m finding I’m dipping into my box of jewels more often than not. So when Vanacci sent me one of their pendants to review, I was intrigued.

VanacciI’ve never heard of the brand before but a quick google search will bring up their website labelled The Vanacci Emporium. They were founded in 2014 and the brand wanted to bring a fresh look to both men and women’s accessories. From wallets, money clips and fragranced jewellery (yes, fragranced) this fairly new brand has a great selection of products on offer for anyone who loves a modern and unique piece of fashion.

I requested the One Copper Lockstone Pendant. Retailing at £39.99, the pendant has a part plated solid turned copper finish that features three removable stones. These stones allow you to switch up your desired fragrance. 

Vanacci PendantThe way the pendant works is by soaking up the chosen aftershave or perfume you love and this scent slowly diffuses it throughout the day. Care should be taken though to let it dry for a good five minutes because I touched the sprayed stone slightly and a little bit of black residue came off, which you don’t want going onto any clothes.

What makes this piece of jewellery unique and the same can be said for all their products is that it’s 100% designed, sourced and brought together in their own studio up in Leeds. Their combination of art production techniques and age old craftsmanship really show in the work that they have produced. I also love the fact that my pendant was ‘born‘ on the 19th January 2018 which I think says a lot about the love and passion that goes into each and every product.

Pendant JewelleryPendantWhen it comes to the chain, it’s a waxed cotton necklace which I actually prefer to the standard chain you get with most necklaces. It’s more durable and I think it’s something that you can wear during the day because it’s long-lasting. The prices of these products are reasonable, you are after all paying for a handcrafted piece of jewellery that includes some semi-precious metals.

Some of the other products that they feature on their site are some funky looking steel wallets and money clips, alongside bracelets and the Vanacci watch is also something to lust over. I think this is a brand that stands out and is definitely worth watching. I think nowadays more of us want something that’s unique, especially when it comes to the more finer things in life. We want to stand out and not have that awkward encounter of wearing the same outfit or holding the same bag as someone else at a party.

Overall, I love my new pendant, I’ve already spritzed it with my DKNY fragrance and I’ve worn it a couple of times to work already so it will definitely get some wear time over the next few months. What do you think of Vanacci? Let me know in the comments below. You can also get 10% off as one of my readers on your first order using the code NATALIE10. 


*Disclaimer – This pendant was gifted to me in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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