Looking Snatched In Paris

When it comes to fashion, I would hardly say that I’m on trend or one of those trendsetters. However, I’m freaking impressed with this little number that I wore whilst we were exploring the city of Paris a month ago. I have to say, I am looking snatched in these pictures. And if you don’t know what snatched means then hunny you need to watch RuPaul.

SportswearOne of the trends for this season which I can totally get on board with is this almost sportswear attire that could pass for fitness wear but is suited for day to day, casual wear.

We were fortunate to get reasonably good weather whilst we were in Paris, so much so that we ended up carrying around our coats for the majority of the day. So onto the outfit. I practically brought the cropped jumper before I even had the chance to put it on just because it had the word SNATCHED emblazoned along the front. I also loved the colours because err vibing the French flag much?!

Michael KorsI got this Short Sweatshirt (that’s now unfortunately sold out) for £17.99 from H&M. I’m hoping it comes back in stock because everyone should wear it. It’s so comfortable and I love the zip at the front which alters the look when its zipped down and zipped up.

I paired the cropped sweatshirt with these leggings I got from LOTD. You may have seen my post on the brand a few months back but I didn’t feature the leggings as they didn’t fit. However, with a little bit of weight lost, now they do. The red strip of colour down the side actually ties in quite nicely with the jumper and I’m living for it.

Cropped JumperAnd of course, no outfit is now complete without my beloved MK Tote Bag which brings me so much joy and happiness every time I see it.

I don’t often feel as if I’m fashionable but this was a moment where I felt truly confident in my outfit. Sam couldn’t get over how ‘French‘ I looked in this number and I’m gobsmacked as to why I haven’t worn this outfit since. I think I’m going to give it another whirl this Saturday when we go shopping because I want to get as much out of this outfit as I possibly can get.

Oh I almost forgot that the trainers (which I’ve now thrown out because they’re a little too worn) are from a brand called MJUS which are an Italian footwear brand and I highly recommend them. Those trainers provided me with so much comfort and I’m tempted to buy some new sneakers soon because I need a fashionable pair to add to my collection.

What do you think of this chic french attire? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and whether you’d like me to do more of these fashion style posts on my blog.


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