Future Home Improvements


So we’ve only just moved over to our new apartment which is totally surreal still. We’re actually HOMEOWNERS. I don’t feel at all mature or old enough to own a property. However, even though we’ve just moved in, I’m already looking into what we can add to improve our apartment because for me, it isn’t our forever home and I’d like to use this as an investment into our future. Therefore I wanted to share a few home improvements that I’d like to put in to hopefully boost it’s appeal when we come to sell it.

Home Improvements

Rainforest Shower

OMG. This is the one thing that I’ll demand we have in our forever home. There’s nothing like a Rainforest shower because it feels so damn good and who wouldn’t want to spend extra time in the shower? I worked with a company called Mira Showers before and I think I’ll be contacting them once we’re ready to go through with it.

Installing a shower is also quite complex and we may need to use a shower pump. Positive head and negative head shower pumps are available from Pump Sales Direct and can make a big difference if your water pressure isn’t at it’s best.


Nest Heating

My friends have Nest installed in their home and it looks so swanky, as well as it saving them money on their bills in the long run. Essentially, the device is linked up to your boiler and replaces your thermostat. It’s a digital device which you can link up to your phone and overtime it learns what temperature you like the most and reduces the temperature in your flat when you’re not at the property to save you money. What a cool world we live in right?



So we’ve got these beautiful big windows and because we’re quite high up, we have the luxury of not being seen. However, I would love to get some roman blinds fitted throughout the apartment because there are times when privacy is needed and also I want the opportunity to block out light, especially in our bedrooms.

We’re definitely sold on the roman blind and I think we’ll be having blackout blinds in the bedrooms. Now we’ve just got to figure out  the colours.


Boiling Water Tap

We’ve got this gorgeous copper kettle from John Lewis which we have to boil on the hob. I think it’s vintage AF, especially when it makes that whistling sound towards the end. However, not everyone likes to wait around for their hot water so having an instant boiling water tap is definitely something a lot of households are now getting or expecting in a property.


Dimmer Switches

One of the things that I think we may miss from our rented property was the dimmer switches. We have spotlights all over the new apartment but they all are operated by the traditional on/off switch. This is completely fine and we do have side wall lights too but the option of having dimmers on our spotlights would probably be a good idea.

What home improvements would you like in your home, whether you own it or rent it, let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post. All words are my own.

Home Improvements


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