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When it comes to food, I’m willing to try out any cuisine and any traditional delicacies at least once. I’ve always been like that because I freaking love food. On our last day in Paris, we dined at the DS Cafe just a stone’s throw away from the ChampsÉlysées which is the main shopping district in the city.

DS CafeThis was actually my first international brand collaboration (yasss Queen) so of course, I wanted to make the right impression. So what better way to royally mess up than to go to the wrong DS Cafe. It turns out that they have in fact two branches and I led myself and Sam to the wrong one. #facepalm

Eventually we’d uber’d our way to the correct venue (thank you Uber for saving us) and we introduced ourselves to Barbara who was very understanding for our little mishap.

With hungry bellies, we were offered one of their delicious fruit smoothies and we both went with the berry option which I couldn’t get down quick enough and can not remember for the life of me what it was called. Soz.

Fruit SmoothieAs part of the collaboration, we were requested to try out their salad bowls, which seemed to be the most popular dishes on the menu anyway. And these salad bowls went all out. Packed full of healthy vegetables, I don’t think a single one of these salad bowls were unhealthy in any way.

Sam went with the Energy Bowl which was made up of a kale and mesclun salad that was topped with fresh tuna, avocado, grated carrots, chickpeas, sweetcorn and beetroot. We’d also order a side of potatoes to give ourselves a few more carbs that would keep us full until the evening.

Energy BowlEnergy Bowl 17€

I went with the La Detox bowl which was a spinach root, kale and quinoa base and topped with avocado, chopped chicken, cucumber, cranberries and a lemon olive oil sauce.

The salad bowls were so filling that I don’t think either myself or Sam finished them but boy did I feel satisfied afterwards.

La Detox – 16€

The prices for the salad bowls were pretty reasonable. They are by no means cheap but the price of food in Paris tended to reflect the same prices you’d get in London because they’re both capital cities and therefore can justify hiking their prices up.

The taste definitely made up for the cost of the dishes and you can tell that the quality and freshness of the vegetables used are outstanding. I loved the fruit smoothie and could have easily tasted several if we had time or if my stomach could take more liquid by this point.

Overall I would recommend stopping by DS Cafe if you find yourself in Paris. It’s a popular venue as when we arrived at both branches, the queues were pretty much out the door so booking a table is probably wise.

I’d personally like to thank the team at DS Cafe for treating us to the delicious food and for Agence Anonyme for inviting me along and helping me with my first European collaboration. This girl feels very blessed to get these opportunities.

What do you think of DS Cafe? Let me know in the comments below.


*Disclaimer – I received a complimentary meal in return for an honest review. All words are my own.


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